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July 22, 2022

Bit by the Coin

Bit by the Coin

    Coins were once created to overtake the economy of trading and bartering of goods and services.  This gave lending power to a select few and thus empowered them beyond their intrinsic value to the village.  We became one step removed from the natural system of exchange.  Paper currency was created to replace the coinage of precious metals, again moving us farther from the natural exchange system while installing a psychologically-based value--it is worth what we collectively think it is worth.  Gradually we moved farther and farther away from precious metals; our fiat currency being backed by nothing but our trust in it. 

    Once upon a time, the workforce stopped paying in cash.  They began paying with checks, creating a step between you and your earnings, which involves the bank.  Eventually, all jobs evolved towards direct deposit, allowing no maneuverability around the banks whatsoever.  You have to have a bank account. Your money has become digitized--purely numbers in a program.  Yet you may still withdraw it and hold it physically, count it in real life, hand it over and receive change ... for now.

    Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and the next transitional phase away from the natural exchange system of trading and bartering goods and services in all capacities is in full swing.  Its progression towards complete and absolute digital currency is on its way like an L0 Series Maglev bullet train.  You will have no access to anything tangible, no proof of yesterday's bank statement, for there will exist no paper trail; and you will possess no control over its accumulation nor its disappearance by an unseen press of their magical button.  Digital currency and its blockchain technology will, indeed, tether you to your social credit score, carbon credits, vaccine passport, allotment of goods, energy, and permits.  This is what happens when you remove society from its true, innate economy and there's no buying it back once you've sold it away!


    Before the Black Plague, Europe had a surplus of laborers, which fed into the system of serfdom.  After the Black Plague, however, with the resulting "staffing shortages" due to a decreased population, laborers were far fewer and therefore capable of demanding higher pay, drawing wealth into entrepreneurialship and business-government-partnered profit structures.  Ultimately, the pandemic entirely altered the European economy.

    In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed, creating a central bank to oversee monetary policy.  And, like the European death of feudalism, the new American economy coincided with its own pandemic in 1918.  This preceded the roaring 20's with its soaring stock market, an explosion of new technologies, and a revolution in transportation.  It may be argued that the Spanish Flu was the needed distraction for a bait-and-switch of destroying the old market and replacing it with a house of cards.

     One may notice the obvious chronological parallels to Bitcoin, Covid-19, and the push for a cashless society, ushering in the economy of smart money.  Since 2009, this cryptocurrency has been in its test phase where all the kinks are being worked out and its participants studied; all data collected, measured, and to soon be implemented as the new currency.  Investors have been tricked and gently coaxed into their digital servitude.  All that Bitcoin profit may so easily be illegalized and seized or simply hacked to death from on high.  As you'll soon see, the sickness, the serpent, and the wealth transfer are intimately linked throughout history.


    It's been postulated that the American dollar symbol is based on the Nehushtan--a bronze serpent that Moses was instructed to mount around a staff and lift up to protect the Israelites.

    Numbers 21:6
    "Then the Lord sent poisonous snakes among the people, and they bit them so that many Israelites died."

    Numbers 21:9
    "Moses made a bronze snake and put it on the pole; if a snake had bitten someone, then, when he looked toward the bronze snake, he stayed alive."

    The bronze serpent healed those of the snake's venom just as the new currency follows pandemics throughout history.  Notice the symbolic overlay with the Caduceus of Hermes and its healing powers.  Yet it cannot last.  It must be destroyed when the time comes.

    2 Kings 18:4
    "He removed the high places, and break the images, and cut down the groves, and break in pieces the brazen serpent that Moses had made: for unto those days the children of Israel did burn incense to it: and he called it Nehushtan."

    The dollar is now being destroyed and replaced by Bitcoin, emphasis on BIT, as in, by the bronze serpent! 

    The bronze snake is so esoterically important that Knights of the Brazen Serpent is the 25th grade in Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the 7th degree of the historical and philosophical series.  As a Knight of the Brazen Serpent, one's duty is to purify the soul of its earthly alloy. 

    The serpent entwined around the staff does indeed resemble the dollar sign--the S over the line ... $.  Yet Bitcoin replaced the Serpent with the B.  Is there anything of symbolic significance to which we should draw our attention?  I posit a resounding YES!

    Most explanations for the origins of the letter B will tell you it comes from "beta" which translates roughly to "house".  So one may be inclined to see the B-dollar symbol as the house of money, yet not so fast.  There is deeper meaning to the letter B. 

    The word "beta" has derivative origins similar to "Ptah", the Egyptian god who created the world through the power of speech--a creator god, a conceiver of the world.  When you look at the letter B, you'll see a crude profile of a pregnant woman.  In Hebrew, the second letter is Beth, which also means house, as in Bethlehem or the house of bread, where Jesus was birthed.  Beth ... birth ... hear the similarity?  The womb, after all, is the house of the offspring.  This is how the ancients viewed the letter B, as birth.  So the B replacing the S in the dollar sign takes on an entirely new image....

    The birth of Cain was described in various ancient Jewish and Christian sources as having been the result of a sexual liaison between Eve and the serpent.  In these particular accounts, she carries Lucifer's spawn who would later murder his brother and receive the infamous mark upon his forehead.  This mark protected him.  The mark of involutionary completion--each stage having been passed; the sacrifice of the vegetative state, the sacrifice of the animal state, and, finally, the sacrifice of man and now he is his keeper into the next stage; into evolution.  He is rewarded with the fruits of the material plane.  Just as a Bitcoin Occultist would wish for oneself and as they would wish upon your head ... the mark!

    Yet who created Bitcoin?  Who birthed this particular serpent?  It's murky.  The name given is Satoshi Nakamoto, yet many, even in mainstream circles, acknowledge this as a pseudonym. 

   This may lead one, such as myself, to exploring potential anagrams.  Such anagrams of Satoshi Nakamoto are "I am to Satan's hook" and how so many have bit at this particular bait; "O as Satan took him"--as mysteriously as Nakamoto arrived, so too has he departed back into the abyss of speculation; "I took Satan's homa".  Homa, a variant spelling of "haoma", is a Zoroastrian ritual plant much like the Vedic "Soma" and its divine hallucinatory ingestion--"Homa" also means fire ritual.  Folks do seem to be awfully entranced by the illusion that Bitcoin presents; wealth by no value-input ... Satan's brew; the serpent's potion. 

    This all may seem like a far-reaching stretch for clues.  However, let us define the words "satoshi" and "nakamoto" and we'll see what is truly hidden in plain sight.  One interpretation of the word "satoshi" is "intelligence" while an interpretation of "nakamoto" is "center", so here we see a very clear reference to Satoshi Nakamoto being Central Intelligence.  Have many anti-government investors been sorely misdirected by a psyop?

    Satoshi Nakamoto claimed to be from Japan, yet has an IP address located in California, while using British spellings, terms, and phrases.  This faceless leader, who speaks only digitally through cryptic messages, guides those who wish to turn against the establishment directly into a new form of establishment, just like the C.I.A. psyops of Anonymous and Q-Anon.  And just like Anonymous and Q-Anon, Satoshi vanished with the wind when the time was most appropriate.

    Satoshi Nakamoto is always depicted in a hooded robe, as if in an Occultic initiation ceremony.  His statue is entitled "We are all Satoshi".  This is rather reminiscent of the predictive programming called 'V for Vendetta' only in this case, it is B for Bitcoin or, more accurately, D for Data--We are all Satoshi (intelligence).  Is it any coincidence the statue is bronze/brazen?

    If Bitcoin does belong to the C.I.A. why is Biden and the feds consistently fighting it, claiming it a national threat?  Well, if you want to sell a cashless society based on digital currency to those most opposed to anything that big government proposes or enforces, make the product seem in opposition to the status quo--make it seem anarchist.  Help them see the issues of centralized banking and then offer decentralized currency.  Give the problem to offer the solution; the poison to offer the antidote; the venom for the anti-venom. 

    Now that they've bitten, hook them and reel them in.  Now you can infect the cryptocurrency.  Digital currencies are the only currencies susceptible to viruses.  "Virus", root word vir, Latin, meaning "venom"; in earlier translations meaning "snake", still in even earlier translations meaning "rod"--the snake and the rod; Caduceus; Nehushtan. 

    Yet you don't need to infect Bitcoin by any Trojan to sicken it.  You can inject counterfeits into its economy.  The Nazis knew this tactic very well.  Operation Bernhard was the Nazi's attempt at destroying the British economy by flooding it with counterfeit currency.  They would eventually employ Jewish concentration camp labor and the forgeries became so realistic that the Nazis funded themselves with the counterfeit currencies of their enemies. 

    If Bitcoin is a C.I.A creation, they obviously can hack their own device or destroy its value from within.  The objective would then be to usher all those fleeing investors into a centralized currency.  However, this extreme isn't even required.  Bitcoin is already attached to the dark web, drug cartels, money laundering etc.  The more the government regulates, the more federal cases that Bitcoin loses, the more international cryptocurrency laws are enacted, the more the walls close in and, in effect, programs Bitcoin into a centralized one-world currency.  When you control the venom, you control its own cure.  Sicken the economy, collapse it, and revive it from its slumber like a snake charmer collecting spare coins from passersby who too have been charmed by the con. 

    To the ancients, the serpent represented many things--wisdom, healing, transition, and even fertility.  The Hopi Indians would perform a snake dance, handling live snakes before releasing them to the crops to ensure renewal and fertility of the land.  Women of ancient Rome devoted to the cult of Glykon, a snake god, would adorn themselves with serpent jewelry and amulets for protection and fertility purposes.  Asclepius used the blood from Medusa's snake-infested hair to cure various ailments.  Many myths represent the snake as guardians of the underworld, while many Chinese legends tell of snakes guarding treasure.

    The Yuan Dynasty reunified China, ending more than 300 years of division.  Its currency primarily focused on metal coinage.  Yet, as the empire warred and the Bubonic Plague swept in, out swept this Dynasty, replaced by a golden age of the Ming Dynasty.  The Ming Dynasty attempted to force a change to Western medicine, which many rejected.  This Dynasty moved towards paper money, yet due to massive counterfeiting, inflation utterly obliterated its value. 

    The sickness, the healing, the transition, the renewal and rebirth at the destruction of the Nehushtan.  The year of the snake is fast approaching us in 2025. Don't get bit!  Don't be hypnotized by the serpent's eyes!  Digital currency is as venom from the fangs--the death of free exchange and liberty of finance.  One need only look at the Z-coin.  The Z, last letter, finality.  Z is derived from the Phoenician glyph zayin, which means "weapon".

    Listen to the symbols and they shall announce their truth!