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July 2, 2022

Public Service Renouncement

Public Service Renouncement

    Women's fashion of 100 years ago was extraordinarily different from the fashion of today.  The flapper dress was as risque as it got.  Women wore high-waisted trousers with tailored dresses and large, ornate hats.  The look of the 1920's in average ordinary public settings would certainly not pass for anything close to sexy or provocative in this century.  Still, the men were quite pleased with their women of that era.  

    What changed?  In 1965, the first Playboy issue was released.  The common man no longer had to sneak to the dark side of town to watch a burlesque show to get his titillation.  Now he could enjoy bared feminine beauty at his leisure and simply hide the evidence under his side of the mattress.  Men were no longer aroused by the fully covered female body.  They wanted to see more skin and along came the short skirts and bikinis to high fashion.

    According to a 2016 study by MSU, there were at least 4 million adult websites on the Internet or 12% of all websites in total.  The range of sexual fetishes displayed is unfathomably vast.  This selection creates porn addiction for many men and women today, causing relationship issues, sexual dysfunction, attention deficit disorder, as well as many other problems. 

    The average woman is no longer appealing to the porn-addicted male, as his fantasies evolve more and more perverse and extreme.  He draws more and more into the pornographic world where he browses an increasingly complex set of criteria that leaves him disconnected from reality.  Struggling to keep up with the fetishes thrust in our faces from every angle--movies, music videos, advertisements etcetera--women enlarge their breasts, hips, buttocks, lips, and waltz into any public area scantily clad and sexualized to the hilt, posting and boasting the most lascivious and intimate details of their personal lives and affairs.  Why?  To compete with a porn star, one must become a porn star.  

    Today the talk is of virtual girlfriends and sexbots, as if serving a societal duty.  As they always sell it, they claim it's for our safety.  They'll deem it a public service.  Imagine no more spread of S.T.D's.  Imagine the lowered rates of pregnancy--the wet dream of the depopulationists.  Rapists will no longer have to rape; pedophiles will no longer risk the penalties of child molestation in the real world--they can do it with a childlike droid or in virtual reality; the depressed and lonely teen can fulfill their relationship needs without the humiliation of rejection.

    Yet this all is a band-aid over a bullet wound.  The underlying issues are not addressed, but encouraged and reinforced.  The participant recedes further and further into the mental disorder.  Once again, women become more and more unappealing, as the robots and virtual partners have no immediate self-noticeable consequences.  The robots and virtual partners offer a place of refuge and real relationships and sexuality become taboo to them.  Natural human sexuality becomes their greatest turn-off.

    In an age when isolation is the goal, what better way to coax this lifestyle of staying home and staying safe than removing the need for initiating conversation, taking the big chance of asking her on a date, going through the painstaking process of courtship, and tiptoeing one's way into that awkward first kiss?  More and more, men will come to prefer artificial sexuality and synthetic relationships for its convenience and dopamine rewards.  They will be more and more attracted to features that are not quite human--features like wires and circuit boards; the sound of electronic mechanics; the smell of her overheated battery.  Pheromones will elicit disgust as well as blemishes of pore-riddled skin.  And so human interaction will be another faded trend of the past.

    According to a article, in the U.S. alone, the sex toy industry was estimated to have made 12.6 billion dollars, while the global sex toy market is expected to grow to 54.6 billion dollars by 2026.  This speaks volumes for our willingness to sexualize inanimate objects.  Both men and women are left competing with robotic appendages and synthetic sex organs.  Instead of competing--as the competitive spirit has been driven from the ethos--many of us retire to the stimulation of the inorganic mate and accept a lifetime of sexual quarantine. 

    Over time, people have become completely inured to the act of penetrating or being penetrated by a machine.  It's little wonder how sexbots and virtual girlfriends have crept into our lives.  To the person in the artificial relationship, bodily augmentation becomes less and less taboo, while the cyborg sell becomes more and more appealing.  They will want to look, think, smell, taste, feel, love, and make love like their manufactured companion.  They will want to be as virtual sexbots, themselves.  No more of the human annoyances, altercations, misunderstandings, disagreements, disappointments, emotions, embarrassment, and physical/psychological punishment. 

    Yet these are the things that make us grow, mature, and expand as people.  The hardships, the consequences, the humiliations, the trials and tribulations of human interaction is what progresses us forward and upward; out of the bounds of the limited self where all wants are immediately met.  Instant gratification stifles creativity, will, and desire to the betterment of self and society.  Having no barriers to break, no windows of communication to open, no brain to pick makes for a very dull and meaningless existence.

    Flesh is designed for contact with flesh.  The olfactory nerves are programmed to decode the scent of sweat.  The lips are beautifully interconnected to countless sensory receptors, activated by another's human lips.  To touch and be touched is as necessary as air; although their guidelines instruct us that oxygen is no longer a requirement.  To activate imagination upon the curves under cloth is a man's rite of passage to manhood.  When a woman is allowed to be the woman that she was designed to be by the grace and elegance of her ravishingly gorgeous genetics ... well ... that is a purity no droid may imitate and no software may compete.