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Oct. 16, 2022

Reinventing The Vril

Reinventing The Vril


    Between the town of Corona and the city of Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, it was reported that the Roswell Army Air Field had recovered a flying disc. This was quickly retracted and covered up by the famous report of a mistaken weather balloon, which never passed even the least skeptical ear without suspicion. So, in 1994, the United States Air Force admitted the cover-up as necessary misinformation for the sake of Project Mogul and its risks of surveillance over the USSR, which, if discovered, may have been deemed an act of war. However, to Ufologists this explanation did not explain away the reported alien beings at the crash site nor various other incongruities of logic. Lieutenant Marcel, himself, would later confess, in the late 1970's, his assessment that the debris was, in fact, extraterrestrial. Oddly enough, Marcel was also involved in Operation Crossroads where the first nuclear weapons tests since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki were conducted. It would thus seem that Marcel had a tendency to obey commands regardless of how misleading or even fatal to the entire human race. Not only that, but the question is begged, why, at that point would such tests be necessary when proof of concept had already been firmly established by the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Japanese victims?

    Still, it is without doubt that something which remains confidential to this day did take place in that 1947 crash and it had nothing to do with Project Mogul or any such infrasound detection or helium balloons. Some blame the Nazis, some blame the Soviets, others claim it a failed test flight by the U.S. Secret Space Program. Perhaps it was all three.

    Immediately following WWII, the U.S. government engaged Operation Paperclip, a program which secretly employed top Nazi scientists, engineers, and technicians in government organizations such as NASA, dark operations, Central Intelligence, propaganda administration etc. Russia, at this same time, had Operation Osoaviakhim, in which they too adopted fleeing Nazi specialists into their government organizations and agencies. It wasn't long after this absorption of Nazi intelligence, that the U.S. and Russia found themselves in a Cold War as well as a space race. This is by no coincidence.

    Following the war to end all wars, UFO reports became as commonplace as snowflakes in the Himalayas. Sightings were popping up all over the world, especially in the U.S. whose Office of Special Investigations took the initiative in 1952 of studying such reports in Project Blue Book. Of 12,618 reports filed, 701 remained “unidentified”; that is, unexplained by natural phenomena, known aircraft, or aerial technology of the period. Yet this is but the tip of the iceberg, as this particular project was preceded by Project Sign, started in 1948 by the U.S. Air Force, to conduct investigations into the UFO phenomena, as well as Project Grudge. These two projects were clearly established to discredit the UFO reports and not to accurately and impartially analyze what the public and military were documenting. Still, this shows the extent of what the U.S. military was willing to tacitly admit through the serious undertaking of these projects. Their continuous programs of research into UFO's clearly illustrates a confession of sincerity into the matter, if not an act of cover-up of their own advanced technologies or possibly a distraction away from Nazi survival and even subsurface victory.

    The continued threat of Nazi aerial attacks, as well as secret military bases in remote locations, is highlighted in the case of Admiral Richard Byrd and Operation Highjump. Why, at this moment in history, 1946, was it of paramount military necessity to lead an armada into Antarctica to combat the deep underground military bases of the Nazis? Of course, this was not the official explanation for the expedition, claiming training purposes as the overall reason for such an extreme trek. However, just after eight weeks, the operation had to be abandoned due to extreme casualties, alleged high tech saucers emerging from deep caverns, far superior in flight and attack, making the mission absolutely impossible. Admiral Byrd, himself, when interviewed about the operation, declared that the next war will be fought by aircraft that can travel from pole to pole, suggesting that the enemy he encountered was much more highly advanced than the aircraft of the U.S. military of which he was piloting. Byrd gave a much more enlightening account to the Chilean press en route his return to the United States, but was clearly silenced thereafter. Although the official claim was that the operation was scientific in nature, Byrd, himself, before the expedition, made the statement that “My expedition is military in nature”. This statement is backed by reports that the expedition consisted of an aircraft carrier, 12 surface ships, 1 submarine, over 20 airplanes and helicopters, and approximately 5,000 crew members.

    Why such an expensive and grueling military expedition? Certainly, this must have been guided by, either recognition of resources, habitable terrain that could sustain a military base/bases, or in response to Nazi finds upon their trip to Antarctica in the 1930's and 1940's. The question must be posed, why did Rudolf Hess, Hitler's former deputy and obsessive Occultist, travel with the Nazi Kriegsmarine to Antarctica? His interests must have lied in the search for hollow earth and the subterranean Aryan race. His interests would have been esoteric in nature, seeking ancient power sources. This is where Byrd's diary aligns. He speaks of his travel to the Arctic and how he flies into the earth, meeting an ancient subterranean race where the Master gives warning of humanity's recent discovery of nuclear bombs, as well as connects this location through underground tunnel systems leading to Tibet and even the Great Pyramid of Giza. Strangely, this runs parallel with Himmler's trip to Tibet to find traces of the Aryan race and hopefully the gateway to the underworld of hollow earth.

    However, Byrd's trip to the North Pole is riddled with questions, especially the discrepancy in his flight log—the written version being significantly different than the official typed version. This may indicate Byrd's alteration of the coordinates to cover up the fact that he never made it to the North Pole and, instead, was forced to turn around and return. Still, it must be clarified, Byrd never released his diary, so we cannot chalk it up to attempts of fame or fortune through some strange conspiracy-fueled popularity stunt. It was his son who released the diary after Byrd's death. Why he compiled this information in a diary, but did not disclose this world-altering information in his lifetime is highly debatable. One thing that can be confirmed for certain, however, was Byrd's secret meeting at the Pentagon. What was discussed there we cannot be certain, but it seems to be a debriefing to assure silence and a curtailing of the truth. What this truth is lies in the hands of educated speculation.

    What is irrefutable is that there is something beyond bizarre that has possessed the continent of Antarctica for centuries, perhaps much longer. The Piri Reis Map of 1513 gave the world an accurate view of Antarctica's land mass for the first time since it was covered by ice over 6,000 years prior. This map was created from preexisting cartography from much older, even ancient, sources. Many researchers studying satellite images have found various pyramidal structures reaching upward from the snows. Antarctica is the continent where today we find the Rothschild Island as well as the Rockefeller Plateau. In 2016, John Kerry, Tom Hanks, and even Buzz Aldrin ventured to the icy continent, just to name a few of the upper class who are visiting with unknown agenda. Why? What's really going on down there?

    To this day, South America is a hotbed of UFO activity. This is where various Nazi officials immigrated to avoid prosecution after WWII. With them they would have brought their sciences and technologies, advancing their research and tests into flying saucers. It seems that the U.S. was well aware of this Nazi activity and even supported them in their endeavors, likely benefiting, themselves, from the aerial technology. Although this may sound like tales of drunken fantasy, German patents do provide evidence to the fact that they were constructing alternative propulsion aerial crafts, involving anti-gravity systems unrecognized by mainstream history. Such crafts were described in Renato Vesco's book 'Intercept UFO' in which he describes the German FEURBALL, otherwise known as the Foo-Fighters. Vladimir Terziski expands upon Vesco's research, going into great detail of the Nazi flying saucer patents and mechanics, showing a very clear progression in advancement of the designs from Model 1 all the way to the Foo-Fighters, even proposing the claim that this Nazi flying saucer technology made it to Mars.

    Yet this seemingly began with the much more simplistic and far less capable Nazi Bell (Die Glocke). The Bell, although crude and primitive according to flying saucer standards, was capable of levitation. Although the Bell tests were described by Igor Witkowski as being employed to “investigate some kind of anti-gravitational effect”, it was not engaging in any high-speed aerial acrobatics. Still, this was one hell of a springboard for leaping into the next phase of aviation. This springboard, Die Glocke, according to Nick Cook, was traded to the U.S. military by the SS official, Hans Kammler, for his freedom.

    The Bell's engine was said to contain two counter-rotational cylinders. These cylinders contained Xerum 525, a liquid metal that was described as looking like mercury although turning purplish or red during operation. Of what ingredients this fuel substance was composed of is left to anyone's guess. One may leap to great speculation in guessing the violet coloration may be the result of crushed Amethyst or Sapphire or the reddish coloration the result of crushed rubies, all mentioned gems of which are in abundance in South America. However, there is no known science behind this nor any documentation of which I am aware, only conjecture on the subject. It is such lack of physical evidence that leads many researchers to the conclusion that said Nazi anti-gravity technology was purely science fiction. However, there are lines drawn to various earlier accounts which corroborates these descriptions if one takes the time to reverse engineer the history such as Walter Bosley has done in deconstructing the aerial phenomena of the 19th century and early 20th century, well before the Nazis, although we will return to this topic later. It appears that the Nazis borrowed information from previous knowledge. They did not simply snap their fingers and magically levitate.

    Nikola Tesla, when interviewed in The New York Herald Tribune in October of 1911, stated, “My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety”. O.T.C Enterprises, founded by Otis T. Carr gained its fame for its 1950's inventions of flying saucers, which were fashioned after Nikola Tesla's blueprints, as Otis T. Carr was Tesla's protege. These flying saucers were said to have employed a technology known as a Utron Electric Accumulator. In 1957, Carr introduced this concept to the world, as a free energy device. Using this new electromagnetic motor, Carr described the first test model of an OTC-X1 as having shot up into the sky, out of sight, to never return, although, he explained that, as the science progressed, they were able to solve this little return problem. Carr along with Ralph Ring piloted the first test flight of the full-size saucer, allegedly traversing 10 miles at the speed of light.

    This technology could not be granted patents as an anti-gravity craft, although it surpassed this technicality by labeling it an “Amusement Device” under US Patent 2912244A. It is now a suppressed invention by the F.B.I. Why? Because Rockefeller was an oil tycoon in the 1950's with no interest in losing his empire to free energy. Such energy, the F.B.I. warned, would cause the entire petroleum-based economy to collapse. When did Tesla create these designs? Tesla, the inventor of Alternating Current, the Tesla Coil, and wireless energy, as well as hundreds, if not thousands, of other inventions, in 1899, experimented with his Magnifying Transmitter, allegedly communicating with Mars. What if his flying saucer, later engineered by Carr, actually made it as far as Mars, as claims suggest? What if Tesla's spacecraft made it to Mars in 1903, as Walter Bosley proposes? What if Tesla received his inspiration from extraterrestrial sources or, perhaps, this far-out claim is a cover-up of the earlier, more ancient, sources from which he may have been drawing?

    Tesla was not alone in the industry of flying machines in the early 1900's and even earlier. Solomon Andrews, in 1864, patented what he called the “Aeron”, which was an airship with side-by-side cylindrical balloons. He demonstrated flight of this 80-foot-long vessel in June 1862 and later in August, eventually meeting with President Abraham Lincoln and a committee of the U.S. congress. Oddly enough, the committee determined this technology not worth the investment during a time of war, although this seems a bit unbelievable, unless they either pursued it in secrecy or already possessed intelligence of better aerial inventions. It is anyone's guess. However, Andrews' airship was not alone in the skies. There were many other airships with far more impressive technological feats of engineering.

    A collection of very elaborate yet peculiar artworks were found in a 1960's dump by a picker named Fred Washington. He brought them to his trading post where, in 1968, Mary Jane Victor, an intern for the Menil Foundation in Houston, Texas, discovered the works, convincing her foundation to acquire the books containing the artwork. They exhibited the art when Peter Navaro, a UFO enthusiast, recognized their possible connection to “The Great Texas Airship Mystery”.

    The books were designed by a Prussian immigrant named Charles A.A. Dellschau. Dellschau's extremely fanciful designs covering each side of every page of his books, illustrated what he referred to as “aeros”--flying craft with two counter-rotating plates which created an anti-gravity effect when a lifting fluid termed “Supe” or “NB gas” was dripped upon the plates. Dellschau's illustrations provide images of extraordinarily colorful aeros in which the cabin of the craft was attached to various shapes of Supe containers, some looking like balloons, although not balloons at all, others the shape of cigars. These depictions may explain the remarkable series of airship sightings starting in California leading to the east throughout 1896 and 1897.

    These aeros were engineered by a secret society made up of German immigrants in California, called the Sonora Aero Club, which seems to date back to the 1850's. This club was the American counter to the more militaristic German secret society known as NYMZA. What this acronym means is anyone's guess, much like the encoded messages throughout the books. One such code reads, “delta mu=chi phi”. Could this be the secret formula of the Supe? Perhaps when these Greek letters are translated into the English alphabet, we get DM=XF, which may possibly be of the periodic table or some other potential formula, although this is pure speculation on my part. DM is Darmstadtium, which wasn't added to the periodic table until after 1994 when it was created in, none other than, Germany, at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research. According to, “The molecule XF is a covalent compound which has a seesaw molecular shape”. This molecular information is well above my pay grade, although it's worth a moment to mull. What is obvious encoding are the continuous misspellings throughout Dellschau's works in which, I believe, great information may be gleaned if decoded properly.

    The Sonora Aero Club members were beyond aviation enthusiasts, as their technology may very well be what was later passed along to the Nazis through NYMZA, seeing as the Die Glocke employed a very similar electromagnetic motor. The tales told throughout these illustrations seem to be a mix of fact and fiction as Peter Mennis is depicted as the main hero throughout, while Christian Axel Von Roemeling is a 385-pound bumbling oaf who is the butt of various pranks throughout the storyline after having crashed his aero. In fact, many crashes are written into the artwork, which may be factual, seeing as these airships were in their infancy of design and all flights were essentially test flights.

    One very interesting name that shows up in the artwork very flamboyantly, as observed by Walter Bosley, is “Trump” in multiple illustrations. One aero is named “Homer Trump”, likely a member of the Sonora Aero Club. Bosley also points out the fact that John G. Trump, uncle of Donald Trump, was in connection with the F.B.I's seizing of the late Nikola Tesla's documents and was put in charge of reviewing all of Tesla's secret papers. Perhaps this indicates a long-running plot, from the 1850's all the way to 2016, to install a Trump as U.S. President. This is also foreshadowed in Ingersoll Lockwood's 1900 book 'The Last President'; the same author of the 1893 book 'Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey', again connecting this thread to hollow earth.

    The Sonora Aero Club and NYMZA German connection is not surprising, seeing as Germany was rife with Occultic secret societies in the 19th century leading into the mid-twentieth century, including the German Order, Knights Templar, the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucianism, the Bavarian Illuminati, and the Thule Society, to name a few. The Nazis recruited many top officials from the Thule society, including Rudolph Hess, Hitler's second in command. Hess was obsessed with the Occult, especially sex magick, while entertaining various satanic rituals. The Thule members romanticized past Nordic mythology, hoping to regain their ancient secret powers through the Occult. They believed the Germans lost this ancient wisdom through the pollution of their Aryan bloodline and so hoped to restore it to its former glory.

    The Ariosophy that they practiced was a crude corruption of Helena Blavatsky's Theosophical Society. Blavatsky was a Russian mystic who the Germans greatly admired for her work in the esoteric, authoring such books as 'Isis Unveiled' and 'The Secret Doctrine' wherein Blavatsky details the ancient races, referring to the greatest race as the Aryans. However, she was not referring to any extant race and certainly not that of Germanic nor Nordic descent. She was referring to the Atlanteans, another motivating factor for the Nazis in seeking the lost city and its treasures of ancient energies and technologies, as symbolized in the Atlantis House in Berlin. Interestingly, Blavatsky believed that mankind owed its origins to extraterrestrial races who came from the planet Venus to aid in humanity's evolution. A bizarre correlation emerges when we look at the F.B.I's declassified document entitled 'Interplanetary Session Newsletter' in which Nikola Tesla was explained to be from the planet Venus, but was brought to earth as a baby.

    The famous Occultist, Manly P. Hall, once lectured on the issue of flying saucers, stating, “The problem of space navigation around this planet is one which remains as yet in the position of remote probability, nothing is impossible. We should be wise enough to recognize that other planets might have very well-developed arts and sciences, far beyond our own accomplishments. At the same time we have incredible time factors. We have to begin to think of man or creature built machines that can go at the speed of light. We have to think of cosmic energy already controlled as a means of fuel”.

    The Vril Society was another secret Occultic German organization and forerunner of the Nazi party. Just like the Nazis, this society employed mystics and mediums such as Maria Orsic. Unlike many secret societies of the day, the Vril Society initiated many young women, all with very long hair. These women were used for psychic research, later intelligence adopted by the American Defense Intelligence Agency under the Stargate Project. The psychic intelligence the Vril Society hoped to achieve was that of Vril energy. Working in conjunction with the Thule Society, this psychic information led to the Munich Device called the Jenseitsflugmaschine or “Other-world Flying Machine” which began construction in 1922. The question is, what is Vril energy? Madame Blavatsky compared it to Prana or “the life-force”. Rudolph Hess seemed to think of it as the Kundalini, which he attempted to harness the powers of through sex magick.

    Published in 1871, was the book 'The Coming Race' by Edward Bulwer Lytton. This book is the Baskin-Robbins of conspiracy theories. It has every flavor imaginable. The protagonist descends into a mine and falls into the tunneled innards of a semi-hollow earth where he finds strange creatures as well as pyramids and even automatons. There he meets an ancient race of beings called the Vril-ya who are descendants of the Atlanteans who fled underground to avoid the Great Flood. This race is described as almost giants. They appear at times angelic and in other ways demonic. They sometimes wear a scaly overcoat, which may hint at the reptilians of conspiracy theory. Also briefly described is another subterranean race of very tall, very hairy beings, possibly referring to the Sasquatch. The lowest subterranean race is described as having red skin tone, no doubt inspired by the racism against the Native Americans of the time. The highest race was described as fair-skinned with blue eyes, and this is the origin of Hitler's obsession of racial cleansing. The Vril-ya refuse to allow relationships with surface beings, as they would corrupt the bloodline of their superior race. Oddly enough, in 'The Coming Race' the Vril-ya's language is described and one such word is explained to mean “eternal evil”. This word is Nan-zi.

    The Vril-ya were said to have flying airships much like the aeros of the Sonora Aero Club. These airships are powered by Vril. What is Vril according to this original source of the term? The narrator describes it as the Odic force. Physically, it is a liquid that is electrically charged much like Dellschau's NB gas or the Nazi Bell's Xerum 525. Metaphysically, the Vril takes a higher consciousness than man or the “Tish” (the uneducated and primitive lower being) may possess to control properly. This Vril energy, having great powers over nature, created a stalemate for the underground civilizations in that anyone could destroy anyone else with their Vril Staff, thereby creating interconnected societies with no war, no competition, no greed, and no authority, although the females (Gy-ei) were more dominant.  In the end, the protagonist returns to the surface, aided by his suitor, Zee, to escape persecution never to return to the underworld.

    This writing was fiction. However, what if it contained facets of secret knowledge? What if the Nazis in all their expeditions to ancient sites, thieving relics and loading up on any and every Occultic currency, actually unlocked Vril energy? Could this be what powered the Foo-fighters? Yet, if they had such high technology far superior to anyone else on earth, why did they not use it against their enemies?

    As Dr. Joseph Farrell has pointed out in reference to the Hans Zinsser affidavit, the Nazis did, in fact, figure out, construct, and successfully test an atomic bomb over 8 months before America. This arises a similar question: why did they not use it to win the war? Why did the Nazis stop short at Dunkirk when they could have stomped their foot on the neck of Britain? Why did they attack the Soviets despite the historical implications of inevitable defeat due to the impossible conditions of a Russian winter? It almost seems as if it all was some bizarre stage performance where they were playing a script of their defeat; almost as if they wanted to lose, for a seeming loss to the global media was part of the plan.

    I pose the curiosity, what if Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and America were all working hand-in-hand the entire time? Could it be that they were all sharing their individual pieces of ancient technology? Bob Lazar did describe some of the saucers located at Area 51 as being ancient crafts. Perhaps the Vimanas, Ezekiel's Wheel, or Quetzalcoatl's flying machine were all based on advanced technologies of either extraterrestrial origin or high-tech antediluvian civilizations. Perhaps various global powers have historically unlocked these ancient technologies and are sharing information with one another through interconnected secret societies that have branched off into what Richard Dolan has coined a “Breakaway Civilization”. This breakaway civilization is currently surfacing from its underground hiding, bringing with it all of the Nazi and Soviet techniques of control. Fascism reemerges, nuclear threats are back in the public mind, the space race is back in full swing under corporate control, and headlines are being seeded with UFO's, one such revelation being the Tic Tac UFO of which the famous photo of the fighter jet's screen shows the words “UFO SETUP” as well as “SLAVE”. Russia and the U.S. are again warring in a country ran by, you guessed it, Neo-Nazis, while it is Klaus Schwab with his familial connection to the Nazis who is leading the World Economic Forum.

    Is it possible that WWII was orchestrated to funnel funds into various global Secret Space Programs? The Nazis did seize a ton of assets from various countries as well as drummed up untold volumes of currency through counterfeiting. “War is a racket”, as General Smedley D. Butler concluded. The military industrial complex is and has always been a cash-generating machine. Currently, Catherine Austin Fitts is posing questions regarding the U.S. Department of Defense's missing 21 trillion dollars. Could this be more money siphoned into today's Secret Space Program? What if all the world is, indeed, a stage and we are merely emptied pockets into a globalist agenda permitted by an advanced civilization of technocratic Vril-hoarders?

    Werner Von Braun, the infamous NASA Nazi, in the early 1970's, before his death, confiding in Dr. Carol Rosin, prophesied the coming artificial threats as Russians, terrorists, Third-world menaces, asteroids, and finally a false alien invasion. We've been through the Cold War, the terrorist attacks, and are still in the process of destroying any Third-world country who gets in the way of globalism. We are constantly reminded of the possibility of an asteroid collision with earth. This could be easily staged through media and nuclear bombs. After that, using either Project Bluebeam to project images of UFO attacks or using physical spaceships that we've determined the Secret Space Program or potentially Programs do possess, this invincible threat may coerce the world's population into a prison planet state. Perhaps the Nazis are quite simply the most patient enemy the world has ever faced, having waited generations of seeded influence to reap their harvest.

    Betty and Barney Hill, in 1961, were involved in one of the most famous cases of alien abduction ever reported. When placed under hypnosis by Dr. Simon, Barney recalled, while on the spacecraft, a red-headed Irishman with a German shepherd at his side amongst a group of beings who did not appear human. These beings were speaking German. In describing their appearance, Barney explained that they looked to be wearing what reminded him of the SS Panzer Nazi uniforms.

    The Germans lost the war, but the Nazis won the world. They went underground. They hid in dark crevices like cockroaches, yet are now braving the light. They hid away so long that the world forgot they were there and we all took comfort in the illusion of freedom. Manly P. Hall once said, “You will remember the result at the beginning of the second world war of the actions and intentions of Hitler when his planes flew over France without dropping a bomb, until the people hardly expected anything to happen, then suddenly without warning a terrific bombardment began. The possibility that spaceships floating in the earth's atmosphere might be cruising about indefinitely for no reason is no better a possibility than that these are the spearhead of a project of some kind, and the earth, its people, its leaders and scientists, should either be unrolling the red carpet for friendly visitors, or else getting into a position for taking care of unfriendly ones”.