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Feb. 3, 2023

Unscrambling the Eggmen: Part II

Unscrambling the Eggmen: Part II

    Upon the very day of releasing Part I of this blog, two interesting news stories were reported.  Alec Baldwin was charged and arrested for shooting his costar, Halyna Hutchins, with a prop gun, which is very reminiscent of Ronald Reagan's gun that made it into the hands of Charles Manson.  Another headline which is of eerie coincidence, was the death of David Crosby at 81, member of the Byrds.  If you haven't read Part I, please do so before continuing, so that the patterns and themes that will be discussed will make sense to you.  These news events transpired on the date of 1-19, Edgar Allan Poe's birthday.  On December 23 of 2022 was released the film, The Pale Blue Eye,with a plot that involves murder, black magic rituals, and Sergeant Major, Edgar Allan Poe, connecting the dots of what is due in this year, The year of the Songbirdand its Covid-23. 



    And now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.... 


    Art reflecting reality and reality reflecting art is seen in Rosemary's red dress with the white collar in Rosemary's Baby.  Kate Middleton wore Rosemary's exact dress for the reveal of baby Prince Louis.  Princess Diana also wore a red dress with a white collar when revealing to the public, baby Prince Harry.  The woman in the Matrix wears a red dress.  Sirhan Sirhan, who allegedly shot Robert F. Kennedy under MK-Ultra brainwashing, saw a woman in a polka dot dress.  On the cover of the Let it Bealbum, although Paul is the only one with a red background, suggesting a bloody death, Ringo is wearing a red and white polka dot shirt.  Ringo is the star; the star is the diamond in the sky; the diamond is the Manchurian trigger.  The Beatles song, 'Yes It Is', includes the lyrics, "Please don't wear red tonight", which sounds like an odd request until seen in the context presented throughout Part I of this blog.  The lyrics also say, "For red is the color that my baby wore".  Rosemary's baby, perhaps?  Sharon Tate's funeral dress was blue and yellow, Free Masonic colors and of Billy Shears.  She, like Paul/Faul on Abbey Road, was buried barefoot.


    In Rosemary's Baby, Rosemary watches a show called Smiley Faces.  According to NASA photos, if they are to be believed in all their cinematic theatrics, Mars, the red planet, god of war, has a huge impact crater called Galle that looks just like a typical smiley face icon.  Sharon Tate, in the crime scene photo, is smiling, as if an homage to the Black Dahlia.  The Black Dahlia and the cut corners of her mouth to create a smile by wounds was replicated in Batman: The Dark Knight.  Heath Ledger, having played the part of the Joker, died before the release of the movie, the first month of the 8th year of the new century.  The Dark Knight was released on July 18th, continuing the 1 and the 8 pattern.  Mr. 18, Paul McCartney, sometimes includes a crude smiley face with his signature.  One such recipient of his smiley face signature in a letter was the artist, Prince, who would die mysteriously 10 years later, 10 days late of Anton LaVey's birthday and the day after Hitler's birthday, the 16th year of the new century at the age of 57.    

    The Black Dahlia's murder was never solved.  One of the suspects was Orson Welles.  Welles, famous for the psyopic trial run that was the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds and Director of F for Fake, had a righthand man named Richard Wilson who was born on Christmas day.  On the coroner's tag of the supposed corpse of Sharon Tate (she's no longer smiling, nor pregnant), the name says, "R. Wilson".  Perhaps this is Richard Wilson, the director, actor, writer, and producer, wanting his credit to roll at the end of the film. 

    Better yet, perhaps the mysterious R. Wilson is Robert Anton Wilson who was born the 18th day of the year and died the 11th day of the year, the 7th year of the new century, giving us the 711.  Robert Anton Wilson wrote books such as the Illuminatusand Prometheus Rising. In the Illuminati Papers,he described "Geurilla Ontology".  He also popularized the "23 Enigma", which details the frequency of the number 23 in popular culture.  Wilson was editor of Playboy and, interesting to note, 2023 is the year of the bunny/rabbit.  In the animated Beatles film Yellow Submarine, there are 23 Butterfly Stompers--the butterflies of monarch programming.  Paul Tate, Sharon Tate's father, allegedly served 23 years as an Intelligence officer, although he actually just went into the CIA, its first year of existence and the death year of Aleister Crowley.  Paul Tate was born the 23rd day of June and died the 18th day of May, so a continuation of those numbers.  The CIA began on September 18th, which is 9 and 1+8=9 or 99, as in 9x11.  Interesting to note that Paul Tate does not have a wikipedia page, although his spouse, Doris Tate does.  Doris, by the way, was born on January 16 and 116 is 911 upside-down.  September 18th, by the way, is the date given for the death of Terry in Rosemary's Baby, while Rosemary's encounter with Satan occurs on October 4th, these two dates corresponding with the deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

    Sharon Tate's coroner was named Thomas Noguchi.  He was, as odd as it sounds, a coroner of the stars, performing autopsies on Marilyn Monroe, Robert F. Kennedy, Janis Joplin, and William Holden among many other celebrities.  William Holden was born in the 18th year and died the 81st year of the century on Charles Manson's birthday.    

    One of Robert Anton Wilson's coauthors was C.I.A. asset, Timothy Leary, who was yet another highly important change agent of the 60's, directing the drop out.  Robert Wilson was involved with author and fellow Occultist, Alan Moore, born November 18th.  He wrote V for Vendetta.  The film was released March 17 or 317, LIE upside-down.  The character list contains an Eve, an Adam, and even a Rosemary.  Adam Susan, the main antagonist, is played by actor, John Hurt, who played in a similar film of predictive programming, this time inverted as the main protagonist, in the film 1984, as Winston Smith.  In V for Vendetta, the Chief Inspector, Eric Finch states, "I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected".  This is precisely what I'm attempting to show in this blog series.  It is all connected because it is all staged by secret society ghost writers guided by the same map and playbook of which we are deprived.  By the way, a finch is a bird, as part of our theme, and Tom Hanks played in a 2021 post-apocalyptic film entitled Finch.  It was released the 5th of November!

    Evey, in V for Vendetta, has, as part of her initiation ritual, her head shaved.  She becomes the eggwoman.  V famously wears the mask of Guy Fawkes (Guy Woodhouse, faux Paul, the mask-wearers?  FOX=666).  The mask, although depicting the demolitionist in the Gunpowder Plot of the Westminster Palace, portrays a smile.  He is smiling in death, just like Sharon Tate in the crime scene photo.  It is all a mask.  It is all a masquerade.

        William Ramsey, in his documentaries, The Smiley Face Killers, demonstrates the strange connection of countless deaths involving water and a smiley face depiction.  The smiley face is depicted with the band Nirvana with its eyes X'd out, as if predicting the mysterious death of Kurt Cobain.  Cobain was an avid Beatles fan and even paid tribute to them by placing a hidden song on Nevermind called, 'Endless, Nameless'. 

    Charles Manson was born nameless, literally first named No Name Maddox.  Mark David Chapman was nicknamed Nemo, which means "Nobody".  He constantly said how he was a nobody.  John Lennon said that "Nobody told me there'd be days like these".  Might he have been encoding the message that Chapman told him of his death?  Perhaps while they were both being programmed.  Mark David Chapman explained how when he looked in John Lennon's eyes, John seemed to know that Chapman was there to kill him.  Perhaps he did know because he was a part of the play, ready for his role.  When asked by the arresting officer if he knew who he had just killed, Chapman answered, "I am John Lennon and I killed myself".  Nemo is omen backwards.  In this theme, is he Damien?  Or is Lennon Damien, the Antichrist?  Either way, the eggman gets scrambled and nobody can put Humpty Dumpty back together again ... or can we?  Either way we must try, because it is the Nowhere Man making all his nowhere plans for Nobody and we've seen how that works out.  

    'Nameless Endless' begins "Silence.  Here I am.  Here I am.  Silent".  It is all about Kurt's death and there is a cry out to Mother.  Perhaps he was another eggman.  As mentioned before, Lennon called Yoko "Mother".  In '#9 Dream', when John says "pousse, pousse", perhaps this is a misinterpretation of the sleep hypnosis performed by Yoko who was actually saying "bosei, bosei", which means "maternity" or "motherhood" in Japanese, according to 

    There is no information on Kurt's parents to be found on the internet.  Only that his mother was a waitress and his father an auto mechanic.  Just like John, Paul, and Manson, Kurt seemed to be estranged from his father.  He explained in an interview that he felt, as a child, as if he was adopted; that he wasn't really a part of his family; that he was an alien.  Kurt had a very prominent cleft chin.  Although the scientific understanding of dominant genes has changed, it is unusual that neither of Kurt's parents nor his siblings exhibit this trait.  Who did exhibit this trait and looked very much like Kurt?... 

    Charles Manson....  Now, people will argue that Kurt was born in the beginning of 67, so his conception would have been in 66 while Manson was in prison.  However, what if Manson wasn't in prison in 66?  What if he was released earlier to have time to get all the props and actors in place and that his time of release was altered to reflect a significant date of the spring equinox to later superimpose his face over the Summer of Love?  Charles did frequent the state of Washington where Kurt's mother lived.  It's a big what if, but I'm asking it.


    Charles Manson, it could be said, was a bit of a joker, the mischief-maker, the incarnation of a trickster god, often laughing and smiling through his evils.  The Manson Family girls sung for the News spectacle, Manson's song, with the lyrics, "The dancing clown upon the wall is calling all to city hall".  Manson also had a song entitled 'Shakespeare's Clown'.  Is this what Charlie really was?  Shakespeare's Clown? 

    Perhaps Kurt Cobain was another Shakespearean clown.  He did name his daughter Francis Bean and bacon is a common ingredient with baked beans, so perhaps a play on the name of Francis Bacon.  As part of Kurt Cobain's art collection of his drawings, paintings etc, included is a sketched comic entitled "The Smiley's".  The comic is all about a violent and murderous family.  The name Chuck Jr. is listed as part of the family.  Perhaps this is suggestive of Kurt being Manson's son or symbolically a member of the "Family" who kills itself.  Just like Love and Terror were juxtaposed in Manson's trial, Kurt was set up to be killed by a Love--Courtney Love.  Courtney Love was even called Yoko by the other band members of Nirvana.  Nirvana, just like the Beatles, replaced their drummer with someone of dark, Occultic connections.  It's no coincidence that Dave Grohl (pig gruel) and the Foo Fighters have their film Studio 666and the side project Hail Satan.

    Another smiling death link is Dennis Wilson with a peculiar early death.  The Beach Boys released Smiley Smile on September 18th, the same year as Manson's reported release of 1967.  This album features the songs 'Heroes and Villians' and 'She's Goin' Bald'.  How appropriate are these song titles to the theme of this blog?  Charles Manson's song 'Cease to Exist' was stolen by Dennis Wilson and rewritten as the song 'Never Learn Not to Love'.  How bizarre is it that this was on the album 20/20,as if a prediction?  This album also features the songs 'I Went to Sleep' and 'Bluebirds Over the Mountain', which echoes the Beatles 'Blue Jay Way', the sleep state of hypnosis and the blue bird of MK-Ultra. 

    Brian Wilson was absent for much of the recording of this album due to his stay in a psychiatric hospital.  Perhaps this was in relation to his mind control traumas imposed with the introduction of Manson and company.  Brian, although the leader of the band, is not featured on the cover photo of the album.  He is, however, featured inside the gatefold of the original LP behind an eye chart along with a pair of glasses.   Perhaps this is indicative that he did not pass his test of initiation. 

    The smiley face connection is reflected in the movie Fight Club when Project Mayhem's work appears on the news as a building with a smiley face and burning eyes.  Project Mayhem may be interpreted as Operation Chaos of the sixties.  Meat Loaf's character, Robert Paulson (son of Paul) dies on an assignment.  Meat Loaf was born in 47, the year of the C.I.A's establishment, and died at the age of 74, 47-inverted.  Meat Loaf's death was wrapped up in the psyop that is the Covid-19 narrative.  He was the bat out of hell and was batted back into hell by his handlers.

    The main character of Fight Club is simply called "The Narrator".  He is nameless.  He is No Name.  He is a split personality.  Just like William Shepherd of the Beatles, he is unseen by those not initiated.  His alter ego is named Tyler Durden.  According to Wikipedia, Tyler is derived from an occupational name meaning "tile maker" or "housebuilder" or "one who lays tiles or bricks".  One who lays bricks is a mason.  Durden, according to, is derived from the French words "Durdent" or "Duredent", meaning "Hard tooth".  Perhaps this is in reference to the tooth he loses in a Fight Club fight or perhaps Paul McCartney's chipped tooth.  What if McCartney's moped accident was not an accident, but was a Free Masonic initiation?  Perhaps this is what the Black Eye Club is all about.  Paul did suffer a black eye as well during this incident.  It happened one day after Christmas, the holiday of Saturnalia.  The moped accident was probably a cover story used as a humiliation and hazing ritual, seeing as it is not at all a masculine injury.


    Paul McCartney had an interview with Alan Smith for the New Musical Express on June 16, 1966 (616 being the original number of the beast).  In this interview he talks about his front tooth as well as Revolverand 'Paperback Writer'.  He is asked about Mama Cass' remarks of him looking ill on television.  Paul rebuttals, "I haven't been ill.  Apart from the accident, I'm dead fit".  "Dead fit" strikes me as an odd phrasing.  Perhaps he is acknowledging the upcoming Masonic death ceremony.  He is fit for death at that point.  Paul is asked about his homes.  One is in St. John's Wood.  So, here we have yet another connection of John's name to Paul and it is the Wood House as in Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse.  In discussing the song 'Tomorrow Never Knows', Paul admits it contains words from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  It is the death and rebirth ritual of the scarab pushing the sun across the sky; Christ entombed and Christ rising from the dead--the three-day ritual just like Kennedy before his funeral.  His funeral, of course, was closed casket.  Yet another correlation linking Paul to Kennedy must be noted to further illustrate my point: Joseph McCartney, Paul's Grandfather, was born November 23rd, one day post JFK death date in the 66th year of the 19th century. 

    Change agent, Timothy Leary, died at the age of 75, repeating the number of the Double Fantasy plate number.  He was married to a Rosemary who died at the age of 66.  He was married to her from 67 to 76, mirror numbers.  He cowrote The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This was published in 1964, the same year as the Beatles coming to America.  The acid trip as a death ritual.  This death ritual is hinted at in the Beatles song 'Don't Pass Me By' with the lyrics "You were in a car crash, and you lost your hair".  Kennedy lost his hairpiece as it exploded in a car while passing by.  One hell of a performance!

    In Rosemary's Baby, Sammy Davis Jr's book, Yes I Can,is displayed in the background multiple times.  Sammy Davis Jr. was born the same date as John Lennon's death, December 8th, which occurred exactly 55 years later.  On January 8, 2008 (1-8), Barack Obama gave his famous "Yes we can" speech.  When played backwards, "Yes we can", says, "Thank you, Satan".  Obama has been rumored to be a member of the Royal Order of Jesters, based in Hawaii, as follows along with the themes I am presenting. ( 

    It must be noted that Sammy Davis Jr. was a proud and outspoken member of the Church of Satan.  Sammy Davis Jr's autobiography title was taken from his 1964 song that was listed on If I Ruled the World. Sammy died at the age of 64.  Sammy was a beloved figure of the Rat Pack, who all have ties to the subjects discussed in this blog, until his affair with Doris Day.  This interracial relationship caused a lot of controversy, lending to the theme of a race war that was superimposed over the Manson case as well as subliminally in Rosemary's Baby.

    If you believe the Sammy Davis Jr. autobiography in correlation with Obama is a stretch, let us review another book presented in the background of the film.  The Man, written by Irving Wallace, details a fictional tale of the first black President of the United States.  This event transpires in 1964, one year after the death of Kennedy.  Another book that appears in the background of the film is Manchild in the Promised Land,which documents an African American's youth in 1940's,1950's Harlem.  Manchild is very reminiscent of the name Manson and similar in meaning to eggman.  Continuing the racial undertone is the name of the Doctor, Abe Sapirstein, which is actually a name taken from Abe Saperstein who founded the Harlem Globetrotters.  Oddly enough, he died in 1966.  

    Subliminal racial division isn't the only reason for Sammy Davis Jr's inclusion.  As mentioned, he famously dated Doris Day, mother of Terry Melcher of the Manson case.  John Lennon had fond memories of listening to Doris Day albums with his mother as a child.  Ringo Starr covered Doris Day's 'Sentimental Journey'.  Paul McCartney was good friends with her and paid tribute to her after her death.  Doris, of course, shares the same name as Sharon Tate's mother.  Her surname was originally Kappelhoff, but was convinced by Barney Rapp to change her name based on her song 'Day by Day'.  Dor is Day.  Dor is a dung beetle and the scarab represents the passing of the sun day by day.  

    Many Beatles clues are hidden in day-related songs such as 'Yesterday', 'A Day in the Life', 'Tomorrow Never Knows', the album Yesterday and Today, and Paul McCartney's 'Here Today'.  A song covered by Doris Day's controversial boyfriend, Sammy Davis Jr. was 'High Hopes', originally recorded by Frank Sinatra on his album All My Tomorrows and was used in the film A Hole in the Head and appropriately used as a campaign song for John F. Kennedy.  The political theater connection described in this blog series continues as Doris Day was once lovers with Ronald Reagan and both starred in a film called Storm Warning, as applies to the symbolism described in Part I.  This film was released January 17 or 711 backwards.  

    Doris Day starred in a film called The Glass Bottom Boat with a movie poster which advertised "THE SPY WHO CAME OUT OF THE WATER", carrying over the theme of intelligence and water.  It was produced by Martin Melcher, Terry's father and was released 6-9 of 66.  The Beatles lyrics to 'Dig It' states "Like a Rolling Stone.  Like the FBI.  And the CIA.  And the BBC.  B.B. King.  And Doris Day".  Here we have a subtle mention that the Rolling Stones, like the Beatles, are intelligence agency operatives, just like the mainstream news and performers like B.B. King and Doris Day.  Paul McCartney makes his role as an agent of some sort in his song 'Spies Like Us'.  The video to this song depicts Paul/Faul wearing several disguises and playing every role of the band.  It begins at Abbey Road Studios, which opened exactly three years before the birth of Charles Manson.  The recent documentary about Abbey Road Studios, directed by Paul's daughter, Mary McCartney, If These Walls Could Sing,was released by Disney+ in the U.K. on 1-6-2023.  Sixteen is the P of Paul.  

    The filming of this documentary included a shot of Paul walking across the zebra stripes of Abbey Road when he was almost struck by a car.  It was clearly staged with Paul waiting for the car before stepping out of its way.  The car was blue, appropriate for the blue Beatle that is Faul.  Internet sleuths identified the plate as MT62FXY.  Perhaps MT is a clue of "empty", as in the empty tomb after Christ's departure or Paul's empty casket in ascension after the death ritual.  Perhaps the 62 is in reference to the year that the Illuminati declared war on Christianity.  The FXY, what if again we are given a date?  This date would translate as 6-24-25.  June 24 is St. John the Baptist's Day, the saint who lost his head.  It is one day before National Beatles Day.  This date is 18 months and 11 days after December 13, 2023. 

    There are various clues happening that are setting up a big Beatles event.  This year began with Scarborough canceling their New Year's fireworks due to the protection of a walrus.  The Beatles performed at Scarborough 4 times, two that were on December 14th, which is the day following my proposed date of McCartney's possible death, which will be exactly 60 years after these gigs.  The Beatles performed in Scarborough at a place called appropriately "Futurist Theatre".

    2023 is the year of the great egg shortage with eggs increasing to extraordinary prices.  In 1966, the Batman TV show aired an episode titled "An Egg Grows in Gotham".  It aired on October 19, which is 10-19 or 911 backwards numerologically due to the mute number that is the zero.  This episode was the first appearance of the character nicknamed Egghead.  His real first name is Edgar.  'I am the Walrus', of course, includes the eggmen and Edgar Allan Poe.  'I am the Walrus' includes in the background a BBC recording of Shakespeare's King Lear, which includes the characters Oswald (Lee Harvey?) and Edgar (Allan Poe?) and death.  In King Lear,it should be noted, the Fool is hanged and remember Faul is portrayed as the Fool, the zero card of the Tarot; he who wanders thoughtlessly over the cliff.  

    We are told this year, 2023, that in Australia, the Christmas beetle is in danger of extinction.  The Christmas Beatle was Paul in symbolism of the sun king in ascension and descension.  This year of 2023, Paul McCartney is set to release on June 13 his new book of photos titled 1964: Eyes of the Storm.  I'm surprised he didn't choose one month later to repeat our pattern of 713 (lie upside-down and backwards).  However, 6-13 is telling, as it is F-M as in Free Masonry.  "Eyes" of the storm seems to imply an intelligence connection in the Beatles act as change agents in alliance with Operation Chaos ... Spies like us!

    When we look at the storm and water theme and its military code, it must be noticed that George Harrison's father, Harold, was a steward in the Merchant Navy, while John Lennon's father, Alfred, who was born on December 14th was, among many other occupations, a merchant seaman.  The man of many faces, Paul James--no, not that Paul James--Paul James Tate, Sharon's father, was a Colonel just like Charles Manson's biological father, Colonel Walker Henderson Scott Sr.  Of course, JFK worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence.  The U.S. Navy SEALS were established by JFK in 1962.  Kennedy's famous heroic tale of war involving the sinking of the PT-109 occurred on 8-1 of 1943.  This boat sunk near the Solomon Islands. 

    Solomon's temple is a very important Masonic symbol.  Solomon is a component of "sol" (sun) and "mon" (moon), so the temple represents the yin/yang, feminine/masculine, sun and moon such as the theme of the Beatles provides us, as well as the 69 of the "Love and Terror Cult".  P=16 and the 16th card of the Tarot is the Tower card, which represents chaos and destruction.  T=20 and the 20th card is the Judgement card.  PT=18 in Reverse Ordinal Gematria, which is the Moon card, while the 19th card is the Sun.  The PT-109 disaster happened at night and 109 is essentially 19, so the sun and moon are composed in this event.  Twenty years later, the sun king would have his mind blown by a man who was born the eighteenth day of October and exhumed 18 years after burial in the 81st year. 

    As previously mentioned, JFK had a closed casket funeral.  Terry Gionoffrio in Rosemary's Baby, the original mother of Satan's spawn, who killed herself at John Lennon's death location, did not have a funeral.  She was immediately cremated just like John Lennon who had no funeral.  His vigil was held on December 14th!  This is one day after Paul's possible death and 13 is the death card.  The fourteenth card is Temperance, also known as the Art card.  The Temperance card depicts an angel pouring water from one cup into another, one foot on land and the other on water--a transition.

    In the film Rosemary's Baby,Terry is said to look like Victoria Vetri, which is actually the name of the actress playing the part.  At 66 years old, Vetri was sentenced to 9 years in prison for shooting her husband, Bruce Rathgeb.  She claimed that she thought he was Charles Manson.  Vetri was close friends with Sharon Tate and allegedly went into a downward spiral after her death.  The shooting occurred on October 16th, 2010, which is 10-16 or 116 (911 upside-down).  Two-thousand and ten is 2001 scrambled.  Again she was playing a role of herself; the Second Act; her Part II.

    Robert John Bardo visited the site of Terry Gionoffrio and John Lennon's deaths outside of the Dakota before killing actress, Rebecca Schaeffer.  He shot her on the eighteenth day of July.  She was born in 67, the year of Billy Shears, on 11-6.  She played in One Life to Live,a show that recorded its final episode the 18th of November, the 11th year of the new decade and aired it on January 13 or 311 backwards.  She had a small role in Woody Allen's comedy, Radio Days. Woody Allen was, at the time, partnered with Mia Farrow, the actress who played Rosemary in Rosemary's Baby,whose sister inspired the Beatles song 'Dear Prudence'.  One Life to Livewas suspended on September 3, 2013.

    The original airing of If these Walls Could Sing was in 2022 on September 3rd.  The Elvis show considered to be his most remarkable and unusual performance occurred on September 3rd, 1973.  This show was photographed by Laurens Van Houten (relative of Leslie Van Houten?).  Shonka Dukureh sang on Doja Cat's 'Vegas', singing the part of 'Hound Dog' and died less than two months after its video release 4 days before the death date of Big Mama Thornton, the original singer of 'Hound Dog'.  Shonka was born on September 3rd, 1977, exactly 18 days after the death of Elvis.  He died on August 16th--the 816 (F=6) of the Abbey RoadVW Beetle plate.  Interestingly, Elvis' 'Hound Dog' was released in 1956 on 7-13, our special number yet repeating.  Elvis was born on 1-8 of 1935 (1+9+3+5=18).  He was born 35 minutes after his twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, who was stillborn.  Elvis, like the Nerk Twins, like Paul, the Gemini, was a twin, not symbolically, but literally and o how much of an influence was Elvis on John and Paul!  As Paul has his double introduced in 1967, Elvis' film, Double Trouble was released the same year and just before that, released on the Skull and Bones day of 3-22, one day after the supposed release of Charles Manson, his 23rd film was Easy Come, Easy Go,which seems to be true of these doubles.  What if Elvis never had a twin? What if this is more playful mockery of the doubles that make up so many celebrities?


    Lisa Marie Presley dies a peculiar death this year of 23 with a birth numerology of 9 and a death numerology of 11.  The 23rd day of 2023, a mass shooting transpired which injured 9 and killed 11.  2023 is the year of the next twin tower demolition that is Paul/Faul who follows in the blue suede shoes of Elvis.  Blue, as for Paul, was also a pattern for Elvis.  In fact, the last song he was reported as singing before his death was 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain'.  Elvis, the movie, was released in 2022, almost predicting a theme of Elvis-related deaths.  Remember, that 'Death Cab for Cutie', written by Faul McCartney's alter ego, Vivian Stanshall, was in imitation of Elvis.  As an interesting side note, just as the Manson tale had its Randy Starr who was born on December 13, Elvis also had a Randy Starr, a different Randy Starr by the same name, who wrote 12 of his songs.  This Randy Starr was also a dentist and it was a dentist by the name of John Riley who provided the Beatles with their first LSD experience.  Perhaps this was the dentist mentioned in 'Revolution 9' that was followed by marriage, joining the Navy, and going to sea. 

    Elvis, the movie, was released on June 24, a date previously discussed.  June 24 was the date that Elvis gave his third to last concert in 77.  The film, of course, included a dreadful performance by Tom Hanks, playing Colonel Tom Parker.  Of course Elvis was managed by a Colonel.  Elvis, himself, was a Sergeant, perhaps an inspiration for Sgt. Pepper.  Elvis' funeral was held on 8-18 with an estimated 18,000 fans lining Elvis Presley Boulevard.  August 18 of the 33rd year is the birthday of one, Roman Polanski.  August 18 of 2023, the film, Blue Beetle, will be released.  

    Elvis, like Paul, was also the Fool, releasing the "Fool" album--his eighteenth studio album--on July 12 of 73; one day short of our 713.  Interesting to note that John Lennon's Father died on April Fool's Day.  For further evidence of the correlations between the fools, Elvis, the Beatles, and even JFK, let us look at the movie that Elvis starred in which was released on November 22, exactly two years prior to the Kennedy assassination and exactly 7 years prior to the White Albumrelease ... the movie Blue Hawaii. In this film, Elvis plays the part of Chad Gates who is fired by a Mr. Chapman.  Here we have the color blue, the MK-Ultra base camp of Hawaii and a man named Mr. Chapman, while Mark David Chapman went to Hawaii before the murder of Lennon and remember, Pearl Harbor's anniversary date is one day before the death of Lennon. 

    November 22, 2023, the film, Wish,will be released; a movie about the Disney wishing star, which is the morning star or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  According to whistle-blower, Cathy O'Brien, Disneyland possesses underground lairs for Mind Control programming.  Perhaps this is why the Beatles officially broke up at the Disneyland resort.  Walt Disney, himself, is often said not to have any evidence tying him to the Free Masons.  However, as a youth, he was in DeMolay International, meaning he was groomed for Masonry.  Besides, if we are to judge him by the company he kept, he employed, almost exclusively, Free Masons and dark Occultists.  He signed his name with the three 6's, his theme park was built at Latitude 33.  The 33 Club is a very real thing.  Disney has been employed for all things Occultic and Satanic from its inception.

    Walt Disney has been rumored to have had a close friendship with Anton LaVey.  Whether or not this is true, I am uncertain.  Walt's brother, Roy, did marry his partner Edna on Anton LaVey's birthday at which Walt was the best man, so there is that odd correlation.  However, what is verifiable is that Walt Disney did have a relationship with L. Ron Hubbard who was the founder of Sceintology, which was the religion that Charles Manson claimed and even used many of its psychological tactics.  Charles Manson abbreviates to C.M, which is 3-13.  L. Ron Hubbard was born on 3-13 of the 11th year.  L. Ron Hubbard was close friends with Jack Parsons and was in the Navy, continuing the theme of Satanism, military, and water.  Walt Disney tried to join the military in the 18th year of the century, but was turned down because he was only 16.  Instead, he joined the Red Cross, perhaps indicative of a Rosicrucian connection.  Walt Disney, like Terry Gionoffrio and John Lennon, was cremated ... in 1966! 

    Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction opened August 9, 1969, the day of the Manson murders.  That's quite an enormous coincidence, considering death in a mansion.  Rosemary and Leno Labianca were residents of Walt Disney's former Hollywood house, the Woking Way House, at the time of their murders.  This seems to be a ridiculous correlation to point out until we look again to Rosemary's Baby.

    While drugged on Minnie Castevet's chocolate mousse, Rosemary says she was bit by a mouse; a reference to Minnie Mouse.  Minnie Mouse's full first name is Minerva, goddess of wisdom, as told in the Mickey Mouse comic strip "The Gleam", which was first published on 1-19 of 1942.  The Mickey Mouse ears are a symbol of MK-Ultra programming.  Mickey Mouse replaced Walt Disney's first character of Oswald ... yes, Oswald.  Both the Mickey Mouse ears and Oswald ears are depicted in the Blue Meanies of Yellow Submarine.


    In Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier describes the scene in Disney's Fantasia where Mickey Mouse is a magician.  He explains the symbolism and how it leads us through Mind Control programming and Occultic ritual initiation.  In The Magical Mystery Tour, the Beatles wear the same wizard's robes and hat.  Dennis Wilson referred to Charles Manson as the Wizard.  On December 13th of 1971, Disney released, in the USA, the film, Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  The original version of this film had a running time of 117 minutes.  The plot contains witchcraft and magical spells cast on behalf of the British against the Nazis.  On December 12th, 1969, the Magic Christian was released, the day of the occulted Betelgeuse in 2023, starring Ringo Starr, music composed by Paul McCartney.

Released December 12, 1969, the day of the occulted Betelgeuse in 2023. 

    In the show, Bewitched, from 1964 to 1966, Irene Vernon played the role of Louise Tate (of course her last name is Tate. Intriguing side note: Paul McCartney has an Anne Tate in his ancestry.  What if?...) for a total of 13 episodes.  Irene Vernon was born on January 16 (911 upside-down).  Then in 1966, Kasey Rogers took over the role for a total of 33 episodes with most fans not even noticing the switch. 

    This is the sorcery, the double fantasy, Alice through the looking glass.  They present us with mirrored reality, disorienting our subconscious while implanting the spell over mind.  Polythene Pam is, when decoded, the plastic all.  Polythene is used to make plastics just like the bag she is dressed in, looking like a man--the transgenderism of duality and inversion.  "She's the kind of a girl that makes the 'News of the World'".  The plastic all of the physical illusion, but when the onion is made transparent, we can begin to see through its layers to the truth. 

    Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,starring none other than our Narrator from Fight Club,Edward Norton, was initially released one day before September 11th of 2022, released in theaters one day after the anniversary of JFK's assassination and released on Netflix, December 23rd, as if hinting at an event that will occur in December in the year 2023.  As appropriate to the Beatles theme herein discussed, there are twin sisters in the character list as well as a Birdie Jay--the blue bird.

    In Aleister Crowley's The Book of Lies, the chapter titled "Onion-peelings" tells us of the universal joke.  In this same book is the chapter called "The Stag Beetle" where death is mentioned, the "bird of individuality", love, the sixteenth card of the tarot with its "Blasted Tower", and even a mention of Shakespeare.  This same book is where John Lennon stole his lyrics "The word is love".  John is even mentioned in this book as "John-A-Dreams".  Other chapters are titled "Plover's Eggs", "Trouble with Twins", and "The Fool's Knot" in which is stated, "Thou Naughty Boy, thou openest THE EYE OF HORUS to the Blind Eye that weeps".  In chapter 23, titled "Skidoo", Crowley's commentary states that "Both '23' and 'Skidoo' are American words meaning 'Get out'".  He instructs the initiate that "thou canst not get out by the way thou camest in.  The Way out is THE WAY".

    No Time for Sergeantswas a film written by Ira Levin, the author of Rosemary's Baby. This movie had a running time of 119 minutes, which is the mirrored number of Sgt. Pepper.  Ira also wrote a much less successful book called Son of Rosemary. In this book, Rosemary finds herself in Strawberry Fields of New York City, where nothing is real.  The book ends with Rosemary waking up back in 1965, receiving a phone call from her friend, Hutch, who makes mention of one of the Beatles who may be buying an apartment at the Dakota where she and Guy will be moving.  Ira Levin died on Charles Manson's birthday.

    Speaking of other fictional authors, Vincent Bugliosi, who fabricated the entire Manson tale as Helter Skelter, also had success with his book, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In this book, he concludes that the Warren Commission was completely accurate and that Oswald was the lone assassin.  He truly did reclaim history and wrote it into the lie that his handlers prefer.  Bugliosi was born on 8-18 and died the 6th day of the 6th month, having fulfilled his theatrical role to the Satanic stage.  He proudly followed in the footsteps of those who've recited the script of John Wilkes Booth, the actor who killed in a theater to be passed on as reality, although sheer mockery of Shakespeare's Clowns.