And class is in session!
May 28, 2022

Why Shit Shooting 101?

Why Shit Shooting 101?

    Why would anyone in their right mind name a podcast Shit Shooting 101?  Well, to answer this very fair and obvious question, we must first examine the definition of shit shooting:

    Is it the act of firing a loaded weapon upon feces?...  Well, yes and no.  Not literally, but figuratively the act of shit shooting does, indeed, entail such a metaphorical practice.  Utilizing the ammunition of speech, each conversation may serve to puncture holes in what otherwise may appear as solid fact to outside eyes and ears.  When holes are shot through the illusions, delusions, and outright lies, one may peer through it to some semblance of truth and reality, however it may strike their mind and logic.  

    Reality is, after all, what this podcast hopes to restore and preserve.  Yet to do this, the obfuscation of veritas in today's realm of the virtual and the augmented must be put in our sights for direct aim and target practice.  Yes, over the target is where we must reside.  And on that target is a bullseye.  When it's hit, nobody can contest.  That bullseye is objective reality and we must fire until striking it again and again, so that all may recognize the center of truth--its' heart; its' core; its' nucleus. 

    These shots are questions, probing curiosities, analysis, and examination.  These shots are sometimes across the bow of the enemy ship.  The blast echoes out an answer.  The smoke clears to a schoolhouse of lessons learned and we all are its' students, I, your host included.

    Verily, we must ready, aim, steady our barrels, see the whites of our enemy's eyes ... and FIRE the guiding light within their souls and enlighten opened minds to a state of eternal brilliance, beaming into all dark crevices like a million suns across the cosmos of human intelligence, perception, and inquiry. 

    The tardy bell rings.  The chalk kisses the board.  A new teacher graces the classroom each episode and Shit Shooting 101 is in session.  Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power!