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Jan. 19, 2023

Unscrambling the Eggmen: Part I

Unscrambling the Eggmen: Part I defines the word "illusion" in synonyms such as "mockery, scorning, derision" as well as "deceit, deception ... jesting, jeering".  This website gives the etymology of "illusion" as stemming from illudere, meaning "mock at" or literally "to play with".  This definition needs to be held in mind during the reading of this blog, as the topics discussed will aim to show how the illusionists operate at the top levels of government, media, and entertainment.  

    Let us look at a simple example of the encoded mockery within the Beatle's catalogue:

    George Martin's initials are G.M.  G is the seventh letter of the alphabet, while M is the 13th, thus we have 713.  Paul McCartney's initials are P.M.  P=7 in Reductive Gematria, being 16 or 1+6=7.  M=13.  So, again we have 713.  The Paul is Dead theory is often abbreviated to P.I.D.  P, as shown, reduces to 7.  I is the 9th letter and D the fourth, added together equaling 13.  Yet again we arrive at 713.  So, why is the number 713 important?  Turn the number upside-down and you'll read it as "EIL" or "LIE" backwards.  In The Memoirs of Billy Shears, on page 317, we read the 200th word on the page being "fool".  Three-hundred and seventeen upside-down is "LIE".  They seek to fool us, not only the general public, but conspiracy researchers as well.  Why the 200th letter?  The numerological emphasis is on the 2.  Two Pauls; the twins; the pillars of Solomon's temple; Osiris slain and Osiris risen; death and rebirth of the sun king.  It's all symbolism.  It's all a play and we're the unwitting audience, even those of us watching the hidden hand of the magician.  Tricksters trick.  That is their calling card.

    There is a popular current photo of Paul McCartney standing in front of the JETSMARTER company logo.  His head blocks some of the letters so we read JETS, perhaps a nod to his song 'Jet' produced with his band, Wings, and on the other side of his head are the letters ER (Could this be a clue to his death or future accident, airplane related?).  In this photo, Paul is giving us the Okay hand gesture with the prominent 666.  To the upper-right we read the letters eli or "lie" as an anagram--perhaps Eli from the Bible who died an old man by falling in his chair after hearing news of the capture of the ark of God. 

    According to P.I.D, the original Paul died on either 11-9-66 or 9-11-66, depending on which theory to which you subscribe.  After this date, it is proposed, a replacement was secretly positioned into the Beatles as the new front man, posing as Paul with only clues and symbols of the tragedy imbedded in the lyrics and graphics of the album covers and movie imagery to give any reference of proof.  There is much forensics evidence to show a drastic change occurred after 1966; however, I contest that there were always two musicians posing as Paul, as both can be seen and heard with distinct differences in both eras of the Beatles phases. 

    Just as Paul and John were consistently posed lyrically as interchangeable beings--I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together--so too are both Pauls of this trinity; the second Paul or Billy Shears being the man of a thousand voices, tying the three voices together imperceptibly, while representing the Holy Ghost of the three, as subtly indicated in such songs as 'I'm Looking Through You'.  "I'm looking through you.  Where did you go?  I thought I knew you.  What did I know?  You don't look different.  But you have changed.  I'm looking through you.  You're not the same."   

    The second Paul is representative of William Shakespeare--the embodiment of ghost writers.  Some say that ghost writer was Francis Bacon.  Others say John Dee.  I propose that Shakespeare was a product by committee and that committee was high priests of Rosicrucianism.  William Shepherd Campbell or Billy Shears is the Shakespeare of the Beatles, representing the hidden hand; the Occulted musicians behind the curtain coming to the spotlight by a mock death and an obvious imposter, representing Paul, the Gemini, the twin.  What better year than 66 to stage a death symbolically, the number of man and of involutionary completion before the resting period of the 7?     

    The year 1966 was an extremely busy year, frenzied with Occultic symbolism and psyops left and right.  In this very year, the groundbreaking for the World Trade Center took place.  The Beatles released Revolver, suggesting a revolution in their initiation from neophyte through the stages of birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, which all can be interpreted through their works, revolving around the sun god, Horus.  The same year was the misfortunate meeting between John and Yoko that began John's fall into addiction, madness, and mind control. John made his infamous gaffe by stating that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus" in the same year.  In August of 1966, the Beatles perform their last live concert at, appropriately named for a seance, Candlestick Park.  The Process Church was introduced to the United States in this year--another version of the British Invasion.  Sixty-six was the year the Black Panther Party was established, which becomes an important correlation when looking at the Helter Skelter fiasco.  In 1966, Anton LaVey started the Church of Satan, declaring it to be Year One; the year of Satan.  This statement was again echoed in the book and later movie, Rosemary's Baby.  (For a deeper dive into the numerology of the Beatles check out the work of Richard Balducci)

    Interestingly, the ninth and final sin outlined in LaVey's Satanic Bible, detailing the characteristics Satanists should avoid, deemed the Ninth Satanic Sin, is "Lack of Aesthetics".  Anton LaVey was all about performance and visuals.  Satanism is theatrics.  If mock sacrifice works just as well for casting spells and summoning spirits, why go through the efforts of real murder?  We see this in the exposure of Bohemian Grove's mock sacrifices to their God, Moloch, as well as the recent mock sacrifice performed in front of CERN.  Pageantry and subconscious influence works to carry the black magick into mainstream minds, causing the desired effects upon the real world.  This is what we see through most major media events.  If it is conveyed through circus, certainly it is nothing more than Satanic aesthetics, ascertaining the effects of a persuaded audience.

    The Beatles and their handlers knew all too well the power of aesthetics.  We see this in their album covers constantly giving clues and a nod and wink to the Occult.  On the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover we are given countless historical figures or actors in the spotlight including the push by John Lennon for Hitler's inclusion, although he was not added for obvious marketing reasons.  Oddly, John F. Kennedy, although dying just over three years prior to the release of the Sgt. Pepper album, was not included and I believe this is for a specific reason.  The clue is in J.F.K's death.  His head went back and to the left.  On the back of the album, we see Faul's (faux Paul) back.  To the left top of Faul's head we see the words "without you".  On the front of the album, in the back and to the left we see Aleister Crowley, the famous Occultist who popularized the Ordo Templi Orientis and founded his own religion of Thelema.

    Crowley and his circus-style theatrics certainly influenced Anton LaVey.  LaVey, interestingly, was a very talented musician.  Just like Paul and John of the Beatles, LaVey too had a strange car-related death associated with him.  Paul was said to have died in a car accident.  John's Mother, Julia Lennon, was killed after being struck by a car driven by an off-duty police officer.  Later, her husband, John Dykins, died in a vehicular accident near Penny Lane and was buried on June 6th, 1966 or 6-6 of 66. 

    LaVey dated the famous actress, Jayne Mansfield, and initiated her into the Church of Satan.  Allegedly, by LaVey's own accounts, he put a curse on her companion, Sam Brody, although the curse caused the death of Mansfield (field of man) as well in a car crash.  She too suffered a fatal injury to the head with rumors of near decapitation.  Mansfield was also romantically involved with Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy, J.F.K having died in a car.  He literally blew his mind out in a car and one may suggest this was the inspiration for the mock sacrifice of Paul McCartney.  A Day in the Life of President Kennedywas published in 1964, the same year the Beatles arrived in the U.S. via Kennedy Airport.  The Kennedy inspiration is even hinted rather boldly in the song lyrics on the Beatles White Album, "Why don't we do it in the road?  No one will be watching us." 

    No one was watching the men in black firing from the grassy knoll or the storm drain, because they were so focused on the president.  The Beatles realized they could use this image that was so fresh in the public's mind to subliminally influence.  After all, magick is all about subliminal influence.  John F. Kennedy died on November 22, 1963.  Exactly 5 years later, to the day, the Beatles released the White Album, which came to be of great historical significance in its scripted connection to Charles Manson (son of man). 

    When we look at the Kennedy assassination, we cannot rule out the theater involved just because it is government, news, or history.  Interesting to note that the patriarch of the Kennedy family, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr, not only worked in high-ranking government positions, but was also involved heavily in Hollywood and cinema production, merging his Film Booking Offices of America with KAO and RCA to form RKO Radio Pictures Inc.  This makes a lot of sense when we look at the Kennedy crime scene and notice it as a Free Masonic stage with all the esoteric props perfectly in place.  Even the Zapruder film is not to be trusted.  Not only was it released to the public over a decade after it was taken, but Abraham Zapruder, himself, was a Free Mason and Inspector General of the Scottish Rite, according to his Wikipedia page.  It strikes me as a bizarre coincidence that the first shot fired is occulted by a sign.  That is, it was hidden from sight.  It is the second shot we see the effects of--not the bullet--just the visual effect with a hide of wig flapping upwards in an explosion of red liquid.  I defy any sharpshooter to scalp a head with a bullet in this fashion.  I suggest the far-out speculation that there was a Kennedy stuntman with an exploding wig that day.  Perhaps it all was nothing more than a performance.  It is in frame 317 of the Zapruder film that we see the flap of scalp, 317=Lie upside-down.


    John F. Kennedy was oddly presented in the book, Rosemary's Baby, during her dream, alive and well in his Navy uniform.  This seems to be suggestive for reasons that will be covered throughout this blog.  Joseph P. Kennedy Sr's wife was named Rose, while his granddaughter and sister of J.F.K. was named Rosemary.  Roses feature prominently in the film of Rosemary's Baby.  The Manson murders, of course, had its Rosemary Labianca, a victim and financier of film projects, strangely enough.  We must keep in mind the lyrics of 'Strawberry Fields Forever', "Nothing is real" and in the video, every time this line is sung, Faul's face appears by no coincidence.

    When we begin to realize that nothing that is presented to us through media is real, we can identify patterns, clues, and esoteric symbolism.  Such has been done in decoding the Beatles Abbey Road album cover.  It has been consistently noted that Paul is barefoot, suggesting death.  He holds his cigarette in his right hand, suggesting the new right-handed Faul, although there are countless pre-1966 photos of Paul holding a cigarette in his right hand, as well as eating, drinking, pouring drinks, and even batting right-handed.  I pose the possibility that there were two Pauls in the photoshoot that day on Abbey Road--the very same day of the Sharon Tate murder, August 8, 1969.  In the unused photo of the Fab Four walking to the left instead of the right, who appears to be John may very well be Paul in disguise, although I must confess that this is far-reaching speculation on my part.  Still, it should be puzzled over why there is a second man in the background of the photoshoot also dressed all in white.


    What isn't speculation is that a white VW Beetle car is in the background.  The same white Beetle that we see in Rosemary's Baby.  Many have poured over the license plate on the Abbey Road white Beetle.  The top of the plate reads "LMW".  Under these letters reads "281F".  Many have suggested that the number 1 is actually the letter I, spelling IF.  They make the correlation that Paul would have been 28 IF he had survived to the date of the photoshoot.  However, he actually would have been 27.  Perhaps there is something more to the code than meets the eye.  Perhaps the LMW stands for Lennon, McCartney, William--George Martin's 3 scarab beetles as presented on his family crest.  Perhaps it is an encoded date.  What if?

    To examine this, let us begin by looking at the white Beetle in Rosemary's Baby, parked outside of the Dakota building where John Lennon would later be shot and killed.  Colors have a very significant meaning in the Occult.  White is purity and so death associated with the color white gives us the duality of light and darkness just as we see in the white and black zebra stripes of Abbey Road and the white and black suits.  The Manson murders gives us the name Labianca and bianca has an Italian meaning of "white".  Bianca is a character in Shakespeare's play, 'The Taming of the Shrew'.  Bianca was also the name of Mick Jagger's only wife and, as you will find in researching these topics, there are countless overlaps with the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Satanism.  You need only look at the Beatles tip of the cap to the Rolling Stones on the cover of Sgt. Peppers as reflected in the Rolling Stones tip of the cap back at the Beatles on their album cover, Their Satanic Majesties Request (See Mark Devlin's book series, Musical Truth). 

    The license plate of the white Beetle on Rosemary's Baby reads 5f9837.  On the surface this seems very random.  However, nothing in this film should be overlooked.  When looking into this plate number, I stumbled upon the Color Hex code for a shade of green called Limeade.  This may seem like nothing of any significance.  However, it is on a white Beetle; the same white Beetle on the Abbey Road album cover where the white Beatle was John.  It is a "hex".  In the Sgt. Pepper theme, John was the green Beatle, the color of fertility, life, and vegetation.  Osiris was often depicted as having green skin.  Paul's father worked for the Everton Theatre Royal as a lampboy and even burned bits of lime for the limelights.  This is how our world is constantly presented to us--all in the limelight. 

    Throughout the book and film, Rosemary's Baby, Rosemary is ordered by her neighbor, Minnie, to drink a concoction including lime, the devil's PEPPER, and an egg for the sake of the fetus.  Minnie is often wearing green and offers the drink in a green and blue striped glass.  Remember, John was the green Beatle while Paul/Faul was the blue Beatle.  When doing this comparison, we begin to recognize that Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band represents the Devil's Pepper and the witchcraft involved.  What if Lonely Hearts was borrowed from the Lonely Hearts Killers, the serial killer couple of the late 1940's?  Thus, we have satanism, murder and death involved in the title of the album, as well as a Sergeant which will be examined later. 

    Back to the lime in Minnie's vitamin drink.  Both John and Paul were good friends with Harry Nilsson, writer of the song 'Lime in the Coconut'.  In the video for this song, it is rumored that John and Paul are the other two in gorilla costumes.  Perhaps this was what John was referencing in his song 'Mind Games' when he says, "Playing the mind guerilla".  Or perhaps it has layered meanings also referencing the Australopithecus afarensis named Lucy after 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. Maybe Gorilla was an inside-joke about Faul and his "monkey fingers" stumbling to learn the bass guitar left-handed.  Yet I propose that the left-handed to right-handed is in reference to the left-hand path and the right-hand path.  These are the mind games being played.  The famous Rosemary's Baby movie poster is very similar to the Mind Games album cover where John is in the place of the baby, which we will later see is by no accident. 

    There is a lot to dissect here, but one last thing about 'Lime in the Coconut'.  The story portrayed depicts somebody who has a belly ache.  The doctor gives the supposed remedy as a lime in a coconut, yet the lime in the coconut is exactly what is making the patient ill.  When comparing this to Rosemary's belly aches, the correlation seems to show a pattern.  Her sickness was not healed until she went a day without drinking Minnie's vitamin drink.  An odd correlation to sickness and health when noticing the overlap with the Manson murders is the fact that they misspelled Helter and instead wrote in blood "Healter Skelter", as if referring to a societal illness caused by its own supposed "remedies".    

    Another lyric in 'Mind Games' goes, "Pushing the barriers.  Planting seeds".  Pushing the barriers of thought and planting seeds in the mind.  Just as the Shakespearean tale of the Beatles walks us through an initiation process, it also shows us the program of mind control and Occultic archetypal influence.  Where are seeds planted?  In the garden.  John and Paul first met at a garden party.  In Rosemary's Baby, the previous tenant of their new apartment at the Bramford was named Mrs. Gardenia.  Before her death, she left a note that reads, "I can no longer associate myself".  Satanic Ritual Abuse is all about creating a Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is alluded to in many Beatles songs such as 'Come Together': "One and one and one is three.  Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see.  Come together, right now, over me"--a reintegrating of the split personalities that is John, Paul, and William all operating as one; not to mention the ghost writers who are so hard to see because they are only revealed through the theatrics of a Billy Shears. 

    Mrs. Gardenia in Rosemary's Baby had a garden in the apartment, which was dead and decaying.  This is suggestive of our exodus from the Garden of Eden.  The Beatles have their green apple, representative of the forbidden fruit taken from the Garden of Eden.  It is interesting to note that Charles Manson referred to himself as the Gardener.  The crop that he was raising were the abandoned seeds of society--the children.  Very often, Manson referred to himself as a child or a baby, even in some of his songs such as 'Mechanical Boy'.  It is interesting how many last names in the Manson tale ended with son.  Manson, Watson, Wilson, and even Beausoleil is translated as "beautiful sun".  The youngest killed by the Manson Family was Steven Parent.  How convenient a last name is that for the script?  We even have a Lotsapoppa and a Mama Cass involved in the Manson cast.  The media made certain to spin Manson's band members, The Family Jams, and turn it into the name of the cult, so that we have the sons, the parent (mama and/or papa), and the family all under the son of man.  Also, interesting to note that Steven Parent was visiting William GarretSON, the caretaker and GARDENER at the Polanski address.  The name, Garretson, according to, is derived from the Old German Gerhardmeaning "spear-brave".  So, in essence, the caretaker of 10050 Cielo Drive was named William Spear.  He went by Bill.

    What happens in the garden?  The sun shines and the clouds rain down just as in the song 'I am the Walrus'.  "Sitting in an English garden, waiting for the sun.  If the sun don't come you get a tan from standing in the English rain".  The Beatles song 'Rain' was their first song experimenting with backmasking--where a message is revealed when the song is played backwards.  This was a technique utilized by Aleister Crowley and a very prominent key to much of the Paul is Dead deciphering.  However, I contend it is but one of many encodings planted into the band's repertoire.  The song 'Rain' was also the first time the Beatles experimented with varispeed, giving the song a strange, psychedelic, dreamlike sound, used again later on the song 'Strawberry Fields Forever'.

    The song 'Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite' was supposedly inspired by an old circus poster, depicting Pablo Fanque's Farewell Benefit.  Pablo Fanque was the first black circus proprietor, so we have a racial connection that will be further discussed in this blog.  The poster depicts the square and compass, so there is obvious Masonic ties to this performance.  Pablo's earliest known circus appearance happened on December 26, 1821.  December 26th, 1965 was the date that Paul McCartney had his moped accident that chipped his tooth.  The years 1821 and 1965 is a difference of 144 years.  Manson allegedly declared, although it was certainly taken from the actual cult leader, Krishna Venta, as pointed out by Manson researcher and author, Neil Sanders, that the number of people who would survive the race wars would be 144,000.  Dennis Wilson--possible homosexual lover of Charles Manson--lived at 14400 Sunset Boulevard.   ( 

    The lyrics, "Messrs K. and H. assure the public their production will be second to none", give what I believe is an important clue as to an upcoming production that will certainly be second to none in the news coverage.  When we take the words Helter Skelter and swap the letters K and H we get Kelter Shelter.  Kelter is defined as "in working order".  In essence, it depicts a shelter from the chaos outside, which, in my opinion, is likely in reference to some Intelligence agency safe haven, protecting its crisis actors from the repercussions of Operation Chaos.  It is a warning. 

    It is said that the lyrics of 'Helter Skelter' are depicting the fall of Rome and the U.S. was, not so long ago, the New Rome, yet we see its ruins crumbling all around due to the continued agenda of the New World Order.  The Rome connection seems to be furthered by the fact that the main antagonist in Rosemary's Baby shares the name Roman with its director, Roman Polanski.  Speaking of the New World Order, Paul McCartney contributed to Steve Miller Band's album, Brave New World, recorded on 6-16-1969 (616 was the original number of the beast).  Paul uses the alias "Paul Ramon" on this album.  Ramon is an anagram of Roman.  Coincidentally, the Steve Miller Band were formed in 1966.  The author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, strangely enough, died the very same day as J.F.K, as did the Occultic author, C.S. Lewis.

    The Beatles song 'Rain' begins "If the rain comes, they run and hide their heads.  They might as well be dead.  If the rain comes".  Running, hiding, death, just like the pigs running from a gun in 'I am the Walrus'; just like the PIGS of the Manson murders, "See how they run"; just like the racial murder of Meredith Hunter at the Altamont Free Concert by Hell's Angels, depicted in the Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter.  The song 'Gimme Shelter' depicts a storm with the lyrics "War, children.  It's just a shot away".  The storm is brought to you by the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group who bombed government buildings and threw the establishment off kilter, formerly the Weathermen.  Interesting that they went from Weathermen, those who predict the weather, to those who become the rains, going underground, living in their Octopus's Garden below the storm; the octopus being the symbol of globalist control.

    In the song 'Come Together', the joker is mentioned, which is a common esoteric theme in popular culture, also seen in the character of Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, which explores the militaristic version of mind control and how to create a murderer, also depicting the duality of man.  The song mentions Yoko Ono as "Ono sideboard".  A sideboard is a cupboard used in a kitchen for storage.  What is she storing in her drawers that keeps Lennon in line?  It mentions the roller coaster of 'Helter Skelter', which is the fall of Rome.  The next line states, "He got early warning" and then "He got muddy water".  This same song mentions the walrus, so it is telling you to take note of the clues.  It says "Walrus gumboot".  Gumboots are rain boots.  

   Weathermen predict the weather and this is symbolic of the Predictive Programming the weather modifiers are injecting into everything we consume.  John Lennon's last album was called Double Fantasy.  What if it was John Lennon's body double who was killed and the media portrayal was sheer fantasy?  There is yet another car in the background, although the plate number is very difficult to read.  The enhanced image I have found appears to read "750 MND".  What if MND is Monday, the day John died?  Dell Publishing Company, the company who published Rosemary's Baby was located at 750 3rd Avenue, New York, New York 10017 (711-inverted).  Shakespeare Lodge No. 750 is located in New York City.  Shakespeare Lodge 750 F. & A.M. is in New York City.  York House was the birthplace of Francis Bacon, so New York is the new home of Shakespeare; the New Atlantis where the wealthy go to eat the rich as in the song 'Piggies'.  "Clutching forks and knives to eat the [Francis] bacon". Francis Bacon had a half-sister with the last name of Woodhouse, which is the same last name of Rosemary and Guy of Rosemary's Baby.  

    In numerology, the zero is mute, so 750 reduces to 75 and is inverted to 57.  This was the year that John met Paul.  Rosemary and Guy's apartment at the Bramford is 7E, E being the fifth letter of the alphabet, so it is basically 75.  A very peculiar song by the Plastic Ono Band called '7th Floor' begins, "Was standing on the 7th floor and saw a body on the pavement.  Was it me?"  She is talking about the Seventh Floor where Terry from Rosemary's Baby jumped to her death on the concrete below.  Yoko is asking "Was it me?" because she, as John's handler, was his mother, as he so often called her.  Terry was staying with the Castevets--the neighbors of Rosemary and Guy, who are Satanists and set up Rosemary's impregnation by the Devil.  Terry was likely their first attempt at manifesting the Devil's spawn, but she refused to carry the baby, aborting it as well as herself.  In this correlation with the very location of John Lennon's death, we recognize John as Terry's baby, the aborted Devil's spawn.  This means that so too is Paul, as the two scarabs were the Nerk Twins, after all. 

    John and Paul did a duo as the Nerk Twins, but also, before the Beatles, were the Beat Brothers.  What if John and Paul were actually orphans and were adopted into some Illuminati family who trained them to be musical actors, fulfilling their role in one of the biggest psyops ever composed?  Both John and Paul were estranged from their fathers and suffered the deaths of their mothers at young ages.  Perhaps the storyline has been manipulated to cover up the fact that John and Paul were adopted brothers.  I have no evidence, only speculation, and so I leave it in the ether of "what if?"  It could simply be skewed histories to create the suggestion of brothers.

    After Rosemary and Guy's first dinner at the Castevet's, Rosemary laughs about the fact that they have a "Jokes for the John" book.  She calls it a book on a hook.  John was the jokester of the Beatles and he was always on a hook, or in actuality, the Shepherd's crook.  The same crook is illustrated on George Martin's family crest.  Jokes for the John is a real book.  The first time the name, John, is mentioned in one of the jokes is on a page that begins with the header "Sick!  Sick!  Sick!" so here we have another reference to illness and what is very close in sound to 666.  The joke is told beneath:

                           "John!...  The baby just fell out the window!"

                           "Don't make me laugh when my lips are chapped."

    Apparently, the author was going for shock value, although the joke is not at all humorous.  Yet it does tell of a baby falling out of the window, is from a book mentioned in Rosemary's Baby, mentions the name John, and ends with the word "chapped".  Perhaps this is in reference to Chapman.  The joke told just below reads as follows:

                           "But, I don't like little brothers."

                           "You'll eat what I give you!"

    Here we're given a joke about the cannibalism of a younger brother.  Perhaps this is in reference to ritualistic child sacrifice or maybe this is suggesting the mock sacrifice of Paul, the symbolic little brother of John.  Either way, it is a parent instructing a cannibalizing of the family.  Below the next joke reads as follows:

                            "Mommy, Mommy ... can I wear a bra?...  I'm fourteen now."

                            "Shut up, Ralph!"

    Here we have a reference to crossdressing or transgenderism.  The Beatles hinted at transgenderism in multiple songs including 'Polythene Pam'.  "You should see Polythene Pam.  She's so good-looking, but she looks like a man." Again in the song, 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da', the last verse shows a transformation of Desmond into a female.  John Lennon crossdressed in the Beatles televised spoof in 1964 of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Paul and John play the part of the two star-crossed lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe.  Thisbe is the female role and is played by John, who has been suggested to have been bisexual, which seems to be hinted at on the Revolver album cover.  This play ends by both Paul and John's characters committing suicide over one another, so both of their deaths depicted on stage in a Shakespearean manner.  This shows, not only foreknowledge, but a script.

    One of the ingredients in Minnie's vitamin drink is an egg.  She's consuming an egg for her egg.  This is suggestive of sacrificing an infant for the Devil's incarnation.  This is depicted in the death of Sharon Tate's fetus as well as John and Yoko's miscarriage of the first child.  In 'I am the Walrus', John tells us that "I am the eggman.  They are the eggmen".  John, Paul, and William are all three men who are in a fetal state.  This is the product of MK-Ultra.  The idea is to reduce the psyche to that of an infant; the reset mind; tabula rasa.  From this condition, it can be reprogrammed to act the role of its encoder.  In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macduff's son, who portrays a symbol of youthful innocence, is described by his killer as an "egg". 

    This theme carries on into the film 50 First Dates, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  Drew Barrymore's character, Lucy--yes, of course, she is named Lucy--has a car accident where she injures her head suffering anterograde amnesia rendering her void of any memories after the accident.  She blew her mind out in a car.  Here we have the Paul connection.  Adam Sandler's character is named Henry.  As shown by the research of genealogist, Richard Edmunds, John Lennon's lineage links him to Henry VIII.  So, perhaps this name choice for the film was by no accident.  Lucy calls Henry an egg head and even in a state of amnesia, paints him with the head of an egg.  John was the eggman, wasn't he? 

    The soundtrack has Paul McCartney's 'Another Day', The Beach Boys' 'Wouldn't it be Nice', Beach Boys, of course, having heavy involvement in the Manson story, 'Lips Like Sugar' by a man named, interestingly enough, William Sergeant, and for good measure 'True' by Fergie and Will. I. Am.  Ehyeh asher ehyeh, I am that I am.  I am the Walrus.  William Shakespeare.  W.S.  I am the W.S.  Remove the W and the S from Walrus and you're left with an anagram for Raul (Real Paul).  When examining Paul McCartney signatures, you'll find two different writings--one with a very clear P, the other with an often very clear R, to spell Raul.  Both signatures can be found from both eras of the Beatles.  The clues are there to remove the disguise; to ditch the fake nose, mustache, and wig.  As an intriguing side note, Raul was the name of the mystery man whom James Earl Ray claimed truly killed Martin Luther King Jr.

    In 50 First Dates, there is a walrus named Jocko.  According to, Jocko is diminutive of John, meaning "God is gracious".  Jocko is also a variation of Jack.  Jack is a common nickname for John.  J.F.K. was often called Jack.  Paul McCartney played the character Uncle Jack in the film, Pirates of the Caribbean.  The subtitle of this particular movie is appropriately called, Dead Men Tell No Tales.  Uncle Jack's character was supposedly named after Paul's uncle, John, also known as Jack.  Uncle Jack is dressed exactly the same as Jack Sparrow, with the same name, suggestive of the two Pauls.  The Disney connection will later be explored in Part II.  John Lennon's grandfather, also named John, was known as Jack.  The Jack-o'-lantern is named after the Irish legend of Stingy Jack after a bad bargain with Satan, which left him wandering the earth, lighting his way with a hallow turnip.  Jack Parsons, the Satanic NASA rocket scientist, is likely the subject of the Rolling Stones' 'Jumping Jack Flash', as well as Jack Flash who sat on a candle stick in Don McLean's 'American Pie'.  Jack Parsons was a friend of director, Kenneth Anger, with direct ties to the Rolling Stones.  Sean Lennon, John's son, even honored Jack Parsons in his band, The Claypool Lennon Delirium's song, 'Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons--Movement II, Too the Moon' ( 

    It is an odd coincidence that a movie such as 50 First Dates takes place in Hawaii, a hotbed for Intelligence ran hypnosis programs.  Perhaps this is why Elvis frequented Hawaii, to remain true as an F.B.I. asset and change agent who also had a mysterious death that may not have been a real death.  It may have been a hazing and humiliation ritual of the former life into the initiation of the shadows.  Elvis is an anagram for "lives" after all.  He was the King and kings must die for the recrowning ceremony.  Mark David Chapman went to Hawaii before shooting John Lennon.  Perhaps this is where he was turned into a Manchurian Candidate.  Barbara Hoyt was taken by Ann Moorehouse of the Manson "Family" to Hawaii after having slipped her 10 tabs of LSD, then supposedly abandoning her.  Seeing as, immediately following this event, Hoyt was willing to testify everything that the screenwriters of this script wanted, it poses the 'what if' of ... what if she was hypnotized and programmed to act her role, given implanted memories?  The show Hawaii Five-0depicts MK-Ultra programming in multiple episodes.  The Beatles spent time in Hawaii in May of 1964, just months after arriving in the states.  The "Mop Tops".  Perhaps this, like "egg head" is in reference to a process of mind control.  The mop cleans.  Being on their heads, this is suggestive of brainwashing.  

    The shaving of the head, returning to the infant state of the egg head, is indicative of MK-Ultra as well as Occultic initiation.  We see this done by Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, John Lennon in 1970, Manson's girls at the trial, Mark David Chapman, Paul Tate at Sharon Tate's funeral, Rosemary Woodhouse, Britney SPEARS, and even Apostle Paul in Act 18:18 (18 being a number of later significance explained in this blog).  As a side note: Sharon Tate had an interesting photo shoot with a stuffed Humpty Dumpty doll that she bought from Fortnum & Masons for her baby (emphasis on "Masons". A popular salty snack, the Scotch egg, was invented by Fortnum & Masons).  The eggmen in 'I am the Walrus' is said to have been taken from Humpty Dumpty in Lewis Carroll's telling.  The "goo goo ga joob" is postulated to have been taken from James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake that involves Finnegan falling from a ladder much like Humpty Dumpty from the wall, although in this book it is written "googoo goosth".  Either way, it seems to be a play on the infantile language of goo goo ga ga, where Lady Ga Ga took her name, remaining in an infant state. 


   When Paul McCartney woke up with the song 'Yesterday' in his head from a supposed dream, he hadn't written the lyrics yet and so sung "Scrambled eggs, love your legs".  He wrote this song while staying with Jane Asher at her house located at 57 Wimpole Street ... yes 57.  Jane Asher's Father was the famous endocrinologist and haematologist, Richard Asher.  He also was a hypnotist and quite possibly could have been an early mind control agent to handle Paul.  He died in 1969, coincidentally at the age of 57. 

    The theme of hypnosis also follows John Lennon.  On his Lost Weekend, which was actually the magic number of 18 months, he and May Pang were separated when Yoko Ono wanted to take John to see a hypnotist to cure his smoking habit.  Isn't it strange that after this hypnosis session, John never returned to Pang and also abandoned the plans for a Beatle reunion?  "Pang" is another word for "pain", as in "this may hurt a little".  Possibly this is suggestive of an injection or a procedure of some kind that took place to put John in line after his recess from the act.  

    The scrambled egg is the scrambling of the mind.  In Satanism, it is the ritual abuse, sacrifice, and consumption of the infant.  It is represented in Rosemary's Baby by the dead infant wrapped in newspaper found in the basement of the Bramford.  This baby wrapped in newspaper is symbolic of the death of Paul, "Wednesday morning papers didn't come", the halting of the "Paul is Dead" headline or so we are subliminally trained to believe.  Wednesday was the day of Sharon Tate's funeral.  In Rosemary's Baby, Roman states, "No Pope ever visits a city where the newspapers are on strike".  The baby wrapped in newspaper is like butchered meat, a media-fueled false flag sacrifice for the Breaking News.  The Beatles album that was quickly removed from production was the "Butcher album" known as Yesterday and Today.  This is the infamous album cover with butchered babies.  The photoshoot for this album, of course, occurred in 1966.  One photo from the shoot shows John applying his glasses to the baby doll.  This further signifies him as the baby; the eggman.  Some other photos in this shoot shows the Beatles heads in bird cages.  What lays eggs?

    Robert Lee Byrd was the architect who built the Tate house on 10050 Cielo Drive.  He was well known for embedding bird houses into the designs of his structures.  Terry Melcher was the former tenant of this home and was where he allegedly first met Charles Manson.  Terry Melcher produced the first two albums of the Byrds.  Charles Manson was a jailbird while the Beatles were love birds and songbirds.  The Revolver album release date of August 5, 1966 was 3 years and 3 days prior to the Manson murders at the Tate residence.  Although it was released before the alleged death of Paul, the song 'And Your Bird Can Sing' does hint to his broken wings as again mentioned in 'Black Bird'.  John Lennon is the green bird in this song and the one you can't see is, of course, Billy Shears--the black bird; the one under the shadow.  He's there waiting in the wings.  Yes, and there is the band, Wings, where Faul flies off to with a later album called Back to the Egg.  This album was released on May 24, 1979, the birthday of Peter H. Gilmore, the current High Priest of the Church of Satan. 

    Paul McCartney is the blue bird and he even confesses this in his song 'Bluebird'.  The blue bird is symbolic of MK-Ultra programming--the subliminal implant.  George Harrison supposedly took his inspiration for 'Blue Jay Way' based on a street where he rented a house in the Hollywood Hills.  One may find interpretations relating to the Manson murders in this song; a song that Charles Manson allegedly believed was speaking of him directly.

    Bobby BeauSoleil referred to himself as the "Lone Eagle".  The scorpion of Scorpio was once represented as an eagle and BeauSoleil is a Scorpio.  Bobby, an actor, artist, and musician.  As an artist in prison, you can find his paintings on Facebook as well as his website,  You'll find many paintings depicting Occultic imagery such as three scarabs encircling the eye of Horus.  One of those scarabs is spreading its wings.  Apparently, BeauSoleil was in on the game.  As an actor, of course he was.  He even stayed with Kenneth Anger, the Satanic director of Scorpio Rising, released the same year as Kennedy's assassination.  Bobby would later produce the soundtrack for Anger's film, Lucifer Rising, and some of the tracks can be heard on Lady Gaga's documentary, Five Foot Two.  Five-foot two is 62 inches.  Nineteen-sixty-two was the year the Illuminati is claimed to have declared war on Christianity.  Scholars believe that Apostle Paul's release from prison was in 62 AD.  The year 1962 was the last year the Beatles would exist in the shade, as the following year was to be where they began spreading their wings on the world stage.

    Ringo Starr joined the Beatles in 1962.  His previous band was called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, so more stormy weather being forecast in his replacing Pete Best.  Even the most diehard Beatles fans overlook Ringo, but nobody/nothing should be overlooked.  The name Starr has two R's.  In what Beatles song are we given a character with two R's?  Why, 'Rocky Racoon', of course, on none other than the White Album.  The scene of the song takes place in Dakota.  A clue to John's death, perhaps?  Rocky Racoon is shot in a showdown, but it's only a scratch.  Who with initials R.R. was also shot but not killed, according to the importance of the topics herein discussed?

    Ronald Reagan, on March 30, 1981, the same day of the famous Sgt. Pepper album cover photoshoot and 11 years, to the day, after Paul's announcement of the Beatles' breakup, was shot.  He stayed in the hospital for 12 days--number of the zodiac; released on the 13th day--number of the sun in its passage across the universe.  His release from the hospital was on April 11th, Anton LaVey's birthday.  The song of Rocky Racoon tells of his fight over a woman named Nancy.  Nancy Reagan was rumored to be very sexually promiscuous all over Hollywood and even is alleged to have slept with Frank Sinatra in the White House.  Frank Sinatra, as is well known, was married to Mia Farrow who played Rosemary during the filming of Rosemary's Babyand divorced her because of the movie circumstances intruding upon his demands of his wife in acting in one of his films.  Sinatra was heavily involved in the Italian mafia, which ties in directly to the Manson murders.  These murders, along with Reagan's harsh stance against the hippies, helped to usher in change of the cultural perspective.  Interesting that Reagan was the 33rd Governor of California, elected in 1966, politically involved in the Manson case and later won the presidency held on November 4, which is 4-11 inverted (LaVey's birthday), the same year of John Lennon's death.  He won by a landslide just as he had done as Governor--almost as if it was by design. 

    Reagan's shooter, John Hinkley Jr, followed in Mark David Chapman's The Catcher in the Ryefootsteps in attempting a high-profile assassination.  Hinkley claimed to have committed the act to impress actress, Jodie Foster, who played in a movie called Taxi with a similar assassination attempt.  The parallel to the song 'Death Cab for Cutie' is interesting to note, performed by Faul McCartney's alias.  It was included on an album called, strangely enough, Gorilla, and performed by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.  Ronald Reagan starred in a movie titled Bedtime for Bonzo which revolves around a chimp named Tamba, which according to means "Second Son", which goes right along with the theme of the two Pauls well before the two Pauls.

    Another R.R. was a man who interviewed Charles Manson in 1991, which is a palindrome of 19 and 19-inverted.  This interviewer was a Jr. just like the man who shot Ronald Reagan.  I'm talking, of course, about Ronald Reagan Jr.  What are the chances?  Yet the RR correlation does not end here.  Charles Manson used a gun in his assault on Bernard Crowe.  This gun was formerly owned by Ronald Reagan.  It was given to Manson through a stuntman named Randy Starr.  Randy Starr chose his name from the Randy Starr of the boys adventure books; one was entitled, appropriate to the symbolism I've been discussing, Above Stormy Seas.  

    Rocky is slang used to describe someone of the Italian mafia.  The mafia was certainly involved in the Manson story.  Racoon was a racial epithet used to indicate a black person.  Looking at Bernard Crowe: Crowe is the black bird, just as Faul explained himself.  It is also black Americans as according to Jim Crow laws.  It also relates to Crowley and the crow is a symbol of black magick.  Bernard is a name McCartney has used as a pseudonym--Bernard Webb--and what a tangled web he has woven.  In the song 'Rocky Racoon'--the RR that weaves this all together along with Starr--there is the hotel that is mentioned along with Gideon's Bible.  It was outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel, which is located at 1919 Connecticut Avenue that Reagan's shooting occurred.  (

    Randy Starr, the fictional character, was portrayed in books written by a Eugene Martin.  What if there is some relationship to George Martin?  A stretch, but what if?  Randy is a synonym for "sexual arousal".  Ringo Starr's birth name was Richard Starkey.  Richard is typically shortened to Dick.  What type of edifice points to the stars that is phallic in symbolism?  The obelisk; the penis of Osiris.  Starkey--key to the star.  Everyone wonders why Ringo was brought in.  Well, who is the central symbolic point of the Beatles?  The beat man.  The drummer sets the tempo and this particular beatman is the star key.  He directs our attention to a particular star.  Osiris is represented by the Greeks as Orion.  Orion, the constellation, has a star called Betelgeuse.  Betelgeuse, according to original translations, means "hand of the central one".  Where does the ring go?  On the hand.  Better yet, on the finger, and where does the finger point?  To a certain conspiracy always.

    Looking back at the license plate of the white Beetle of Abbey Road, LMW-281F, what could this mean?  I said that the LMW may mean Lennon, McCartney, William.  Thomas E. Uhhariet, the supposed author of the book The Memoirs of Billy Shears,an encoded exposé of the death of Paul, is an anagram of "I am three authors".  For there to be three authors writing this, according to the trinity of the Beatles, wouldn't Paul and John both have to still be alive?  What if John was involved in that book?  What if the original Paul was involved in that book?  What if the original Paul is who we all call Faul?  What if the cute Paul was brought in for aesthetics, leaving the original Paul to remain free as a session musician composing while the Beatles front men were out doing tours and press and movies etc?  As proven by the work of Mike Miller (, Paul and John could not possibly have had the time necessary to write, record, produce, and publish all of the songs and albums credited to them.  There had to be ghost writers and composers galore.  Probably way more than three, but three is necessary for the symbolic trinity symbolism. 

    License plate LMW-281F.  The numbers, when reversed are 182.  A peculiar correlation that the California Conspiracy Law is Code 182.  The code of 281F--what if it's in reference to Faul's death?  The F for Faul, Fall, or "Fatality".  The 81 may be in reference to Paul's age at the time of his future death.  The two represents the twins of Gemini, his zodiac.  F is the sixth letter and the sixth month is June, so read backwards, the plate gives us June 18.  Perhaps the f is representative of the Tubal-Cain. The 281(f) U.K. bus route takes us to Teddington, London.  On July 11, 1964 or 711, the Beatles arrived at Teddington Studios.  Three original Beatles were ages 21, 22, and 23 respectively.  This seems familiar to the first three years of Agenda 21, as we are living in now--21+22+23=66.  The boat they took to get there was originally used in WWII and was called the Minnehaha, which is a DAKOTA word, meaning "waterfall".  It was built in the Isle of Wight by J. Samuel White.  

    What if there is more to the LMW of the license plate of the white Beetle?  Take the letters, simply turn them into numbers and we get 12,13, 23.  What if it's a date?  December 13, 2023.  What if this is the day of the second Paul's death or symbolic ceremonial descent, 2 at 81, the Fall?  Twelve days before Christmas, 13 days before the moped accident that chipped Paul's tooth.  Eight days before the winter equinox.  "Eight days a week, I love you".  1+2+1+3=7, 2+0+2+3=7, so 77.  William Shakespeare died in the year 1616, so 16=P for the two Pauls or 1+6=7 ... 77.  December 13th has 18 days left in the year--81-inverted.  The following year is the 24th year, as in the 24 hours in a day; Paul is the sun symbol, the ball being rolled across the sky by the ancient Egyptian dung beetle.  December 12, 1965 was the final UK concert for the Beatles.  So, the 12 is representing a finality--the last chord in 'A Day in the Life'.  December 13, 1966, John Lennon is on the cover of Look Magazine with an article about Sigmund Freud and another about Pope PAUL the SIXTH.  It is telling you to look and analyze the subliminal messages.  The Caption reads, "John Lennon: a shorn Beatle tries it on his own".  Shorn, as in, a shorn sheep--more shepherd symbolism.  Of course, Psalm 23 begins "The Lord is my shepherd".     

    December 13 is National Horse Day.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse.  Paul would be the pale horse, represented in his case as a pale blue.  The strange and mysterious Denver Airport with all its bizarre Occultic artwork, has the blue mustang named, Blucifer.  It is 8 foot tall.  That is 96 inches or 69-inverted.  The original sculptor, Luis Jimenez, was killed in its creation when it fell on him, severing an artery in his leg.  The Manson "Family" owned a white pick-up truck that they called the "magic carpet" with the insignia "Randy Starr and His Stuntmen" along with a horse's head.  Just as the "Family" killed the Parent in the symbolism of the Manson murders, so too did Blucifer kill its own father.

    St. Lucia Day is December 13th, also known as St. Lucy day, as in 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' or Lucy, the feminine Lucifer.  Although St. Lucy was a Christian martyr, she is said to have "consorted with the devil and that her children were invisible infernals" according to  She died on December 13th of 304 (A difference of 1719 to the same date in 2023. 1+7+1+9=18, 81-inverted, the age of Paul on this date).  This year's St. Lucy Day of 2023 will be 57 years since year one of the Church of Satan in 1966 (also, relevant to note, the year 2030 of Agenda 2030 will be 64 years after 66; 64 was the year the Beatles came to America--'When I'm Sixty-four').  December 13th is exactly 67 days after the death of Edgar Allen Poe, famous for his poem involving a certain black bird and also featured on the 1967 Sgt. Pepper album as well as in the encoded song of 'I am the Walrus'.  The year 1967 was, of course, the year that Billy Shears was revealed.  John Lennon died 62 days after the death date of Poe, which the significance of this number was mentioned earlier.  Edgar Allen Poe's birthday was January 19th, which is 911-inverted.  December 12th will be exactly 66 days after his death date and 12-12, interestingly enough when looking at the role Billy Shears has been playing, is prison slang for serving your full sentence (  Billy Shears has been serving a sentence to the act.  According to Michigan State Police's 'Occult Criminal Investigation Reference Material' of 1988, 12/13 is given as a satanic symbol of REDRUM/MURDER.  Redrum is referenced throughout Stanley Kubrick's film, The Shining, and Kubrick was mentioned in the book Rosemary's Baby as having stood up Guy Woodhouse at his dinner date.  Perhaps Kubrick was the first choice of director instead of Polanski, which shows an extremely complex collaboration that took place well before the movie, the Beatles clues, and the symbolism superimposed upon the Manson tale.

    The correlation doesn't end here for December 13, 2023.  John Lennon's death date of December 8, 1980 happened during the Monocerotid meteor shower.  The Geminids (Gemini) meteor shower will be occurring December 13, 2023.  Remember the storms, rain, shelter symbolism happening throughout this blog?  Well, what is a shower?  But wait, there's more!  What Beatles astronomy would be complete without the involvement of Betelgeuse?  On December 12, 2023, Betelgeuse will be occulted, that is, hidden, by the asteroid 319 Leona.  Leona was discovered on October 8, 1891, which was one day after the death date anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe.  This is a difference of 42 years.  In some versions of the mythology of Osiris, his body is separated into 42 parts.  In the Egyptian Book of the Dead,42 questions are asked of the deceased person.  In Revelations of the New Testament, the Antichrist tramples upon the holy city for 42 months. 

    "Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe."  Edgar Allan Poe wrote a short story called William Wilson involving a doppelgänger, very appropriately for the Beatles narrative.  Another interesting correlation, when looking at the acid-fueled 60's aided by the psychological influence of the Beatles, is the fact that the cofounder of Alcoholic's Anonymous was named William Wilson and prescribed LSD to his members to cure them of their addiction.  The name, William Wilson, tells us there is a William, son of Will.  Perhaps William Shepherd is a descendant of William Shakespeare.

    The Geminids meteor shower is not the only meteor shower occurring on December 13th.  The Ursid meteor shower begins on December 13th, peaking on the 23rd.  It radiates from Ursula Minor, which means "Little Bear".  Paul etymologically means "little" while McCartney, according to Wikipedia, is derived from Gaelic, meaning "the Bear".  Here we have yet another meteor shower announcing Paul McCartney in code.  When looking at the cosmos in connection to the NASA lie, December 13, 1972 was the year that man supposedly walked on the moon for the last time.  This mission lasted 12 days, 13 hours.  

    Leona is given the number 319.  Perhaps this means nothing of any significance to this blog, however, what if we look at Leona in Reverse Pythagorean Gematria as equaling 7, 3+1+9=13. Then we're left with 713 or Lie upside-down, backwards.  It's a big "what if", but the what ifs is what decoding is all about.  What if Leona, meaning "lioness", is in reference to the Lion of the Beatles spoof of A Midsummer Nights Dream?  Ringo Starr plays the part of the lion that kills Paul's character and remember, Ringo is the one pointing to the stars. 

    Betelgeuse being occulted on December 12 is 4 days after the death date of John Lennon as in the four mainstream Beatles.  December 13, 2023 is the day that Betelgeuse is again revealed, 5 days after the death of John and it is on this date that I propose the fifth Beatle, the original Paul, the black bird in the shadows, the hidden one, the one we couldn't see, will be released from his bird cage in a great revelation of the Sun King in all its symbolic glory--the fall, the rise, the death, the rebirth, the occulting, the revelation.  The cosmic scrambling, devouring, and then laying of the cosmogonical egg--that egg falling as it gains physical mass, descending into material form, into the garden, sprouting forth from the cosmic germ.  The curtains being pulled back revealing the stagehands.  Paul taking his bow and exiting stage left for the next reincarnation.  To invert the Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again', "And the parting on the right is now the parting on the left", as in, "Elvis has left the building".

    As Sgt. Pepper has so clearly illustrated, everything is an Occultic stage performance.  Miles Mathis, in his article entitled The Tate Murders were a False Flag, shows the discrepancies and anomalies in the evidence of the Tate/Labianca murders.  When we look at the case we see lights, camera, action, and very little reality. We see a crime scene where Sharon Tate, herself, is consistently moved, a smile on her face, her belly in no way cut open in the way the court case would suggest.  The Director of Rosemary's Baby, Roman Polanski, with countless symbolic overlap to the movie, is the central widower.  Sharon Tate was an actress.  Voytek Frykowski was an actor.  Jay Sebring was a hairdresser to the stars.

    Even on Manson's side of things we smell something fishy.  They're living on an abandoned movie set--Spahn (Spawn) Ranch.  The place is crawling with C.I.A.  Manson is hanging out with the Laurel Canyon crowd, with whom Sharon Tate was also partying.  Manson was involved with Neil Young and the Beach Boys, dealing drugs to Dean Martin, pimping out girls to countless celebrities, as well as partying often at Elvis' home.

    Bobby BeauSoleil was an actor.  Susan Atkins was a theatrical erotic dancer for Anton LeVay's Satanic performances.  Catherine Share, a.k.a. Gypsy, was a porn actress.  Shorty Shea, another victim, was yet another Hollywood stuntman.  In a 1989 interview with Penny Daniels, Manson is asked, "Isn't this an act right now?"  Charlie responds with the retort, "What isn't an act?" He goes on to say, "The only thing that isn't an act is when someone gets killed.  Then it isn't an act because people's fear sees it as being real, so the only thing people see as real is fear".  Charles Manson consistently stated that he was not in prison, that he was free.  Most hear this as the metaphorical ramblings of a madman, but what if it's a confession of the truth?  In Manson's interview with Charlie Rose, Manson states that he has been free since 1967, which was the year he was released, oddly on the spring equinox of March 21st.  He rebuttals Rose's comment about being back in prison by dancing and saying, "Can't you see I'm out, man?  Can't you see I'm out?  Can't you see I'm free?"  Once again, the average person will see nothing but insanity in this.  However, it should be noticed that Charles Manson is not cuffed, not wearing a prison-issued uniform, having a full beard that was not permitted by the California prison system.  We see consistently in Charlie's interviews him wearing things not permitted by any prison system and defying all protective requirements and regulations.  In a 1993 interview with Diane Sawyer, after the interview is seemingly over, Charles says, "You got to realize, man, all those guys you've been creating are not really real in real life".  He then gives a near wink and a grin when he looks to Sawyer, as if telling an inside joke that she's in on.  In his interview with Ronald Reagan Jr, Charles states, "Everyone thinks I just came on the set in 1969".  He calls it a "set".


    Quentin Tarantino took his shot at mocking the world yet again in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  Borrowing from his own technique used in Inglorious Basterds, Tarantino shows that history is a movie set with props that can be rearranged, edited, and completely altered however its director sees fit.  Media events, he is showing, is a production with cue cards and rehearsal and acting coaches and casting couches etc.  History, it is shown, is subject to rewrites and movie magic of mind.  This is what the prosecuting attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, did in the Manson trial.  Tom O'Neill in his book, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, has shown the script that Bugliosi had thrown over the truth of the Manson case.  Manson, himself, has repeatedly stated the Italian mafia ties to the prosecuting attorney.  Bugliosi was selected to help influence a media circus and to superimpose all themes enforced by his hidden masters.

    Yes, Manson rented a canary yellow house at 21019 Gresham Street, Canoga Park, California that he called the "Yellow Submarine".  Yes, he gave the name "Sexy Sadie" to Susan Atkins.  Yes, he had a club on the ranch that he called "Helter Skelter".  However, the Beatles correlation was a late addition to the Manson case.  It was planted in the story for a purpose.  That purpose can be seen in the year 69, itself.  Sixty-nine is the yin and the yang.  It is duality, light and darkness, love and hate, life and death, feminine and masculine.  This is why the "Family" was deemed the "Love and terror cult".  Those terminating the experiment of the sixties wanted to associate peace with war, happiness with horror, freedom with murder, antiestablishment with chaos, clear blue skies with storm clouds.  This is how Satanists operate, by inverting, superimposing, drawing false correlations and associations that blend evil with the good.

    We see the operations outlined even more clearly in the gaslighting that takes place in Rosemary's Baby, as well as the theater they are revealing to you that it all is, as Guy is an aspiring actor being blinded by the limelight being shown from the fanciful tales of Roman.  Guy gains his walkway to fame through witchcraft, which is also used upon Hutch who mysteriously loses a glove--the same glove that appears on the Sgt. Pepper album cover.  A spell requires a belonging of the person the curse is being cast upon.  Manson told his "Family", the night of the murders, to "leave something witchy".  Yoko Ono had a song entitled 'Yes, I'm a Witch'.   Roman Castevet, in discussing religion, declares it, "Pageants for the ignorant".  This is how they see us and this is precisely what they give us.  They are all witches taking our possessions to cast spells, just as Tom Hanks and his extraordinarily creepy Twitter pics of "found" gloves in the street, which ended up coinciding with a strange death of a YouTube whistleblower and actor, Isaac Kappy.  One of Hanks ominous posts just prior to the death involved Route 66 and a red handkerchief before Kappy died on Route 66, although Kappy warned that he was in danger and not suicidal.  Kappy exposed Hollywood pedophiles such as Hanks.  The year of this blog, 2023, Hanks is 66, so just a forewarning of his evils to come.  He will be 67 by the time of the December 13 event of which I'm proposing as a possibility.  Sixty-seven, of course, was the year that Billy Shears revealed himself.  In Forest Gump, Hanks' character meets J.F.K, Elvis, John Lennon and even Paul "Bear" Bryant who was born on September 11th.  

    If anyone should know the act and its scripts, it would be Roman Castevet, as his father was a theatrical producer and he, Roman, basked in the starlight of such celebrity as John Forbes-Robertson, Mrs. Fiske, Modjeska, and Otis Skinner who plays the role of wig maker in Humpty Dumpty. Paul Tate, Father of Sharon Tate, opened a wig shop after her death, mysteriously, and I've shown the shaved head symbolism relating to the egg and the seeming exploding prop hairpiece blown off of J.F.K's head.  In 'Revolution Number 9', it is said, "In my broken chair, my wings are broken and so is my hair".  Eli's (lies) chair was broken in which he fell to his death.  J.F.K's metaphorical wings were broken and so was his hair.  J.F.K's scalp was blown up like a flap of leather hide--the ritual shaving; the Dakota scalping.  It's all an act, a play, a script, a performance, special effects, and Satanic aesthetics, drawing us subliminally into the cult, initiation ritual by initiation ritual.